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I already ripped this up once.

John Donvan
Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Last night I ripped up the pre-debate note I had scheduled for release today, intended to preview tomorrow's Intelligence Squared US debate, which I am moderating, where the motion will be:

Give Trump A Chance

The original note, which I wrote late last week, was all about the question of presidential honeymoons -- whether they had ever been real, whether Barack Obama got one, and whether Donald Trump was being denied one already.

But then.

Then came the travel ban, and the erupting protests at the airports, and the firing of a defiant (or just disobedient, depending on your politics) attorney general -- plus the tweets from the president slamming senators, The New York Times, and any or all who questioned him -- and it became clear that the sun has set on this president's honeymoon. And he may even want it that way.

What we've seen, instead, is the most furious flurry of executive action by a sitting president in the space of 10 days we've ever seen. That gives us A LOT more to talk about than when we first conceived of this debate, not long after Election Day.

Give Trump a Chance? Better than ever before, we know what that implies, for better or worse. And we will have debaters arguing fiercely on BOTH sides, on February 1st, at George Washington University in Washington, DC. (Details here).

Our goal: to keep the discourse smart, based in facts (yes, real facts), and civil. And as always, our audience gets to vote to pick the winner. For all those reasons, you may want to be there in person, or watch live online, bringing along your open mind.


-- John Donvan

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