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  • Biden wants to spend big. The administration is calling for some $4.5 trillion in increased government spending and tax credits over the next decade. The “Build Back Better" agenda includes hefty investments in infrastructure and unprecedented spending on the labor force, not to mention funding a host of Democratic policy priorities from child and elder care to paid family and medical leave. Its champions see an unjust and unstable economy in need of major government intervention.

    Chief Economist of Moody's Analytics
    Director of Economic Policy Studies, American Enterprise Institute
    Senior Fellow' Arthur F. Burns Scholar in Political Economy

  • Thursday, September 30th 2021
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    06:00 - 07:30 PM EST

    Right now, nine justices hold tremendous power in American law. It's been that way since Ulysses S. Grant first inhabited the White House. The Constitution is silent on just how many justices should sit on the nation's top bench, and in 1937 President Roosevelt tried to add a slew of new appointments that would be sympathetic to his New Deal programs. Congress didn't bite. Now, advocates on the left are eyeing the bench once again.

    Legal Commentator & Host, Slate's Amicus Podcast
    Political Organizer & Strategist
    Professor of Law, Yale University
    Supreme Court & Appellate Litigator
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