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Physician-Assisted Suicide: Poll Shows 2X People Voted Against It After This Debate

By Elizabeth Kreft — November 14, 2014

A group that hosts debates on volatile social, economic and political topics took up the question of physician-assisted suicide after Brittnay Maynard‘s case gave the topic national attention this month.… more

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Real Clear Politics

A Higher Form of Debate

By Pat Horan — November 13, 2014

Since 2006, Robert Rosenkranz has been working on elevating public debate in this country. His project is a program called Intelligence Squared (IQ2), a debate series among equals structured to… more

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Andrew Solomon on Assisted Suicide, Brittany Maynard and Death with Dignity

By Eva Kis — November 11, 2014

The end of a life is inevitably tragic — but what if an even bigger tragedy could be avoided by hastening it? That was the eventuality that 29-year-old Brittany Maynard… more

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Why Income Inequality Is America’s Biggest (and Most Difficult) Problem

By Sean McElwee — October 26, 2014

But, here’s the problem: The same political forces that allowed the 1 percent to take our political system hostage have only worsened in the past decade. As Nick Hanauer notes… more

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Opportunity Lives


By Carrie Sheffield — October 24, 2014

MANHATTAN — “Working hard is the backbone of the American Dream,” words from progressive economist Elise Gould’s opening statement in Wednesday’s Intelligence Squared debate about inequality hold bipartisan appeal. Yet… more

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