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Millennials Stand No Chance, Says One Panel And Auditorium

By null — April 13, 2014

Earlier this week, over the course of two hours, a panel of four speakers and an auditorium of voters at the Kaufman Music Center in New Yok City decided that… more

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Campus Technology

Is It Time To Dismantle the Lecture Hall?

By Dian Schaffhauser — April 03, 2014

As higher education evolves, has the lecture hall model become obsolete? In a debate hosted by Intelligence Squared on the campus of Columbia University, two teams of academic experts squared… more

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National Review Online

Racial Preferences Under Siege

By John Fund — March 20, 2014

The intellectual case for preferences is looking increasingly shaky. Last month, a packed auditorium at Harvard Law School featured an Intelligence Squared U.S. debate on whether “affirmative action does more… more

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FRIENDLY FIRE: Can Presidents Kill Americans?

By John Wrubel — March 06, 2014

Last night at the National Constitutional Center, NPR’s Intelligence Squared hosted a debate for broadcast on the limits of executive power, specifically is the president exceeding the constitutional powers of… more

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Women Around Town

Intelligence Squared – S. Dana Wolfe’s Words to the Wise

By Marti Sichel — March 05, 2014

With an extensive background in politics and an eclectic résumé to impress any mover and shaker—including a handful of Emmy awards won during her time at ABC News Nightline and… more

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