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21 Podcasts to Make You Smarter

By Adam Cecil — November 24, 2014

We know the feeling: you feel uninformed about a story in the news, or a pop culture phenomena, or just have questions about the world that have never been answered.… more

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Medical Daily

The Social Implications of Brittany Maynard 'Dying With Dignity'

By Lecia Bushak — November 16, 2014

During an Intelligence Squared panel in New York City Wednesday evening, debaters argued over what defines “dignity” and what it means, exactly to die with it. Dying with dignity, in… more

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Life Media Matters

Intelligence Squared Debate: Legalize Assisted Suicide?

By Life Media Matters — November 14, 2014

Two weeks after the physician-assisted suicide of 29-year-old Brittany Maynard, an Intelligence Squared debate in New York explored whether the policy is compatible with the doctor’s healing role. The argument… more

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The Blaze

Physician-Assisted Suicide: Poll Shows 2X People Voted Against It After This Debate

By Elizabeth Kreft — November 14, 2014

A group that hosts debates on volatile social, economic and political topics took up the question of physician-assisted suicide after Brittnay Maynard‘s case gave the topic national attention this month.… more

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Real Clear Politics

A Higher Form of Debate

By Pat Horan — November 13, 2014

Since 2006, Robert Rosenkranz has been working on elevating public debate in this country. His project is a program called Intelligence Squared (IQ2), a debate series among equals structured to… more

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