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"Think Twice": GMO in the Spotlight

By Robb Fraley — December 04, 2014

Last night, I participated in a debate on GMO as part of the Intelligence Squared U.S. debate series in New York City. My fellow panelists and I debated whether the… more

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WholeFoods Magazine

As GMOs Debated in New York, New Study Begins in London

By WholeFoods Magazine Staff — December 04, 2014

On December 3 at the Kaufman Music Center in Manhattan, the motion concerned whether genetically modified organisms (GMOs) should have a place in agriculture. The formal debate of that motion,… more

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Pro-GMO debaters win over NYC crowd

By American Council on Science and Health — December 04, 2014

The debate swirling around genetically modified foods was literally on display last night in New York City, in a terrifically enlightening and well-produced event held by intelligence2 debates, where the… more

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Huffington Post

Watch As Scientists Debate The Benefits And Drawbacks Of GMOs With A Monsanto Executive

By James Gerken — December 03, 2014

Tune in live at 6:45 p.m. ET on Wednesday, December 3 for a spirited debate on the risks and rewards of biotechnology and genetically-modified organisms, commonly known as GMOs. The… more

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Biology Fortified

Watch the Intelligence Squared GMO Debate

By Karl Haro von Mogel — December 03, 2014

Tune in Wednesday, December 3rd for a debate on GMOs. Intelligence Squared is hosting a debate between four individuals from two opposing camps, addressing the question of whether or not… more

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