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Worth Watching: Pariser, Vaidhyanathan, Morozov and Weisberg On Whether the Internet Is Closing Our Minds

By Miranda Neubauer — April 17, 2012

They say that anyone who knows what’s good for him will avoid arguing on the Internet. But what of arguing about the Internet? That’s what four net-centric thinkers —… more

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Nocera Hits the Bulls-Eye on Magnitsky Act

By Seth Mandel — April 17, 2012

[Commentary magazine quotes Ian Bremmer from an IQ2US debate on China.] …As Nocera notes, our dedication to the rule of law is a big reason this law would be effective.… more

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Defining and Debating Cyber Warfare

By Mike Lennon — April 15, 2012

Cyber warfare is a hot topic in the security industry, but what does this term actually mean? At what point does a cyber conflict become a cyber war? Are cyber… more

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Does the Internet Narrow Our Political Horizons?

By Katy Waldman — April 09, 2012

Does an Internet that cloisters us in ideological cocoons hurt our political life? Or are the Web’s skeptics just the latest in a long line of alarmists who don’t understand… more

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China’s Not the Big Trade Cheat Harming America’s Domestic Economy

By Zachary Karabell — March 16, 2012

Last week Intelligence Squared hosted a debate on whether China does capitalism better than the United States does. The result was a resounding no, and a strong audience endorsement of… more

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