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National Review Online

Racial Preferences Under Siege

By John Fund — March 20, 2014

The intellectual case for preferences is looking increasingly shaky. Last month, a packed auditorium at Harvard Law School featured an Intelligence Squared U.S. debate on whether “affirmative action does more… more

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FRIENDLY FIRE: Can Presidents Kill Americans?

By John Wrubel — March 06, 2014

Last night at the National Constitutional Center, NPR’s Intelligence Squared hosted a debate for broadcast on the limits of executive power, specifically is the president exceeding the constitutional powers of… more

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Women Around Town

Intelligence Squared – S. Dana Wolfe’s Words to the Wise

By Marti Sichel — March 05, 2014

With an extensive background in politics and an eclectic résumé to impress any mover and shaker—including a handful of Emmy awards won during her time at ABC News Nightline and… more

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CRIME & PUNISHMENT: Talking Drones, Snowden, O.J. And How To Solve The Israeli-Palestinian Riddle With Super-Lawyer Alan Dershowitz

By Jonathan Valania — March 04, 2014

Famed criminal defense lawyer, retired Harvard Law School professor and cable news gadfly Alan Dershowitz will be at the National Constitution Center tomorrow to debate the legality and ethics of… more

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Legal Insurrection

Debate: “Affirmative action on campus does more harm than good”

By William A. Jacobson — March 04, 2014

What if affirmative action actually hurts minorities? Badger Pundit has the rundown on a debate at Harvard Law School over the proposition in the title of this post, Epic smackdown… more

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