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Daily News - Rush & Molloy

By Daily Sun — April 20, 2012

Georgette Mosbacher, Bruce Kovner and other assorted policy wonks chuckled at last week's IQ2US debate when the International Crisis Group's Karim Sadjadpour tried to give his neocon opponent Bill Kristol… more

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Intelligence Squared U.S. Audience Agrees that “When It Comes to Politics, the Internet Is Closing Our Minds”

By IQ2US Press Release — April 18, 2012

Last night, Intelligence Squared U.S. continued its spring 2012 season with a victory for the motion “When it Comes to Politics, The Internet is Closing Our Minds.” In the final… more

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The Web Is Turning Us Into Narrow-Minded Drones

By Katy Waldman — April 18, 2012

If you live in Manhattan and get hungry for pizza, you’ll probably want your Google search for “pizza” to return local results. In fact, the more the search engine knows… more

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Worth Watching: Pariser, Vaidhyanathan, Morozov and Weisberg On Whether the Internet Is Closing Our Minds

By Miranda Neubauer — April 17, 2012

They say that anyone who knows what’s good for him will avoid arguing on the Internet. But what of arguing about the Internet? That’s what four net-centric thinkers —… more

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Nocera Hits the Bulls-Eye on Magnitsky Act

By Seth Mandel — April 17, 2012

[Commentary magazine quotes Ian Bremmer from an IQ2US debate on China.] …As Nocera notes, our dedication to the rule of law is a big reason this law would be effective.… more

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