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The Fix

Legalization Debate Turns to Other Drugs

By Will Godfrey — November 15, 2012

Feisty exchanges in New York last night reflect a country wondering more than ever about radical drug-law change.Legalization is in the air right now, and an unusually constructive debate was… more

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Debate series launched on pubradio comes to PBS

By Elizabeth Jensen — November 13, 2012

Intelligence Squared U.S., the nonpartisan public policy debate series airing on public radio and some public TV stations, is coming to PBS Plus in January, with Chicago’s WTTW as the… more

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ABC News

Economist Who Advises Mitt Romney: ‘Rich Are Taxed Enough’

By Richard Davies — October 25, 2012

“The rich are taxed enough,” argued Columbia Business School Dean Glenn Hubbard. The man who The New York Times called Mitt Romney’s “go-to economist” and who is considered a leading… more

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Washington Post

A conservative split over the Middle East

By Fareed Zakaria — October 12, 2012

Recently, Intelligence Squared, a feisty forum in New York, held a debate on the proposition “Better Elected Islamists Than Dictators,” referring to the choices the United States confronts in the… more

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Power Line

Better elected Islamists than dictators?

By Scott Johnson — October 05, 2012

A reader directs our attention to the Intelligence Squared debate putting the proposition before the house: Better elected Islamists than dictators. For the affirmative are Reuel Marc Gerecht and Brian… more

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