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Daily Beast

Is Amazon a Hero or Monster?

By Lloyd Grove — January 16, 2015

A passionate New York debate interrogates Amazon’s dominance in the book market—is it delivering well-priced books efficiently, or a greedy, rapacious behemoth? What is the true nature of—the online… more

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The Kindle Chronicles

Is Amazon the Reader’s Friend? – Liveblog

By Len Edgerly — January 15, 2015

I took a wrong turn on the subway and reached Brooklyn before I realized I was a long way from the Kaufman Center in Manhattan. I arrived late at the… more

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Our 21 Favorite Podcast Episodes of 2014

By WNYC Staff — December 18, 2014

We asked WNYC staffers to pick their single favorite podcast episode of the year, whether it came from inside our building or across an ocean. These are our chosen ones.… more

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Bill Nye Gets Invited to Attend Another GMO Debate

By Keith Kloor — December 05, 2014

If you missed the recent Intelligence Squared debate on GMOs, it’s worth watching. Or if you prefer, read the transcript. Like Nathanael Johnson, I was initially dubious about the event,… more

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Monsanto For the Win!

By Abe Greenwald — December 05, 2014

On Wednesday night, Intelligence Squared U.S. held an enlightening debate on genetically modified foods on the Upper West Side of Manhattan (video here). As anyone with a web browser knows,… more

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