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Chicago Tribune

CNN's flagship debate program is back ... again

By Eric Zorn — May 04, 2014

Those with an interest in invective-free debates among experts should check out the "Intelligence Squared" series at more

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Above the Law

Smoke Signals: The Misinformation Behind FDA’s Proposed Regulation Of E-Cigarettes

By Tamara Tabo — May 01, 2014

For an entertaining and informative refresher on why that process sucks, watch this recent Intelligence Squared debate, “The FDA’s Caution is Hazardous to Our Health.” Arguing in favor of the… more

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How to Get a Campus Feeling in a MOOC

By Arjan Tupan — April 25, 2014

You can never recreate or replace the accelerated learning effect of being able to interact with your teacher and fellow students in person - in physical proximity. At least, this… more

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Daily Nebraskan

EDWARDS: Bad questions hinder productive debates, conversations

By Walker Edwards — April 23, 2014

“Millennials Don’t Stand a Chance” was the title and winning motion of the April 16 episode of Intelligence Squared, a NPR debate podcast. After an hour of debate, the side… more

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The New Yorker

Are College Campuses Obsolete?

By Michael Guerriero — April 22, 2014

On one recent night, the Intelligence Squared U.S. debate series put forth a motion on Columbia University’s campus: “More Clicks, Fewer Bricks: The Lecture Hall Is Obsolete.” This is heavily… more

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