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Huffington Post

Common Core Revisited

By Vicki Cobb — September 25, 2014

On September 9, I attended the NPR-syndicated Intelligence Squared debate, "Should Schools Embrace the Common Core?" Although it has been reported that close to 80 percent of Americans now oppose… more

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Leveled Reading: The Making of a Literacy Myth

By Robert Pondiscio and Kevin Mahnken — September 24, 2014

New York public school principal Carol Burris, an outspoken standards critic and defender of leveled reading, recently published an anti-Common Core missive on the Washington Post’s Answer Sheet blog that… more

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Huffington Post

Debating Common Core: Beware Decomposing Numbers and Rinky-Dink Assessments

By Alan Singer — September 19, 2014

Intelligence Squared U.S. sponsored a debate September 9, 2014 on the Common Core State Standards. Four participants argued whether American schools should embrace the standards. They included Carmel Martin, a… more

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The Washington Post

Four Common Core ‘flimflams’

By Carol Burris — September 17, 2014

So where is the research to support: close reading, increased Lexile levels, the use of informational texts and other questionable practices in the primary grades? During our recent Intelligence Squared… more

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Diane Ravitch's Blog

Common Core: Yes or No? A Debate.

By Valerie Strauss — September 14, 2014

Embrace the Common Core State Standards? Do not embrace the Common Core? That was the question in New York when four people — two for embracing and two against —… more

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