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Abolish the Minimum Wage??!! A Debate

By Jared Bernstein — April 04, 2013

Had a rousing and often substantive debate last night sponsored by the group Intelligence Squared. My partner was the great and eloquent Karen Kornbluh (listen to the podcast -- I… more

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Salt Lake Tribune

IQ2US an Oasis of Civilized Debate

By Robin E. Blumner — April 04, 2013

There is a place where the fine art of civilized and civil debate is making a comeback. Intelligence Squared U.S., an Oxford style debate format show distributed by National Public… more

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The Chronicle

Experts Discourage Ban on Genetic Engineering

By Kelly Scurry — April 04, 2013

“Banning is not a productive way forward,” said Nita Farahany, professor of law, philosophy and genome sciences and policy. “Whether or not [genetic modification] should be allowed is a different… more

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The Christian Post

Now a Reality, Should Genetically Modified Babies Be Prohibited?

By Leonardo Blair — March 23, 2013

After an announcement last year that a series of experiments in the United States had resulted in the birth of 30 healthy genetically modified babies, genetics experts are now debating… more

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The Soapbox

Why I'm Not Buying Football Season Tickets

By Noah Kulwin — March 14, 2013

Last May, a group called Intelligence Squared sponsored a debate on whether to ban college football. A portion of the discussion concerned the nature of our “social contract” with higher… more

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