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Cato Institute

The Fatal Conceit of the “Right to be Forgotten”

By Julian Sanchez — March 17, 2015

Intelligence Squared hosted a lively debate last week over the so-called “Right to be Forgotten” embraced by European courts—which, as tech executive Andrew McLaughlin aptly noted, would be more honestly… more

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SC Magazine

Experts Debate Whether 'Right to Be Forgotten' Should Be Adopted in the U.S.

By Ashley Carman — March 12, 2015

The “right to be forgotten” should be adopted in the U.S. because Americans deserve the ability to exercise control over their personal data. Then again, the right to be forgotten… more

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The Right to Be Forgotten from Google? Forget It, Says U.S. Crowd

By Jeff John Roberts — March 12, 2015

The University of Oklahoma expelled two fraternity members this week after video of them leading a racist chant went viral. Now, a Google search of the young men’s names shows… more

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The Christian Post

Liberals Are Stifling Intellectual Diversity, Campus Audience Decides After Hearing Both Sides of the Argument

By Napp Nazworth — February 26, 2015

WASHINGTON — Before the Intelligence Squared debate held at George Washington University, only one in three audience members said they agreed that liberals are stifling intellectual diversity at colleges and… more

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Utne Reader

Utne Q&A with John Donvan of Intelligence Squared

By Soli Salgado — February 26, 2015

Intelligence Squared U.S. is an Oxford-style debate series covering a range of relevant controversial topics, from science refuting God to “too big to fail” big banks. The series recently celebrated… more

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