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Designer Babies Debate Heats Up

By GEN News Highlights — February 14, 2013

Could you envision a world without genetic diseases, where parents could control their child’s height, muscle strength, eye color, personality, and even intelligence? Some might consider this a tempting endeavor… more

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National Academy of Television Artts & Sciences New York

IQ2US NY Emmy Nomination

By National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences — February 06, 2013

New York, NY – Wednesday, February 6, 2013. The 56th Annual New York Emmy® Award nominations took place this morning at the studios of CUNY-TV. ON-CAMERA TALENT: PROGRAM HOST/MODERATOR Al… more

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Can Israel live with a nuclear Iran?

By Haim Handwerker — January 22, 2013

NEW YORK - Politicians running for office may have succeeded in avoiding substantive discussion of some of the most pivotal issues facing Israel – such as whether it can tolerate… more

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The American Prospect

Intelligence Squared U.S.'s Talking Heads

By Clare Malone — January 16, 2013

Intelligence Squared U.S. takes its civic duty with more gravitas. The idea is that American attitudes have grown more entrenched and insular thanks to the Internet and to TVs with… more

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The Washington Times

PIPES: Islamists are worse than dictators

By Daniel Pipes — December 10, 2012

This issue came up in an interesting debate for Intelligence Squared U.S. in early October when Reuel Marc Gerecht of the Foundation for Defense of Democracies and Brian Katulis of… more

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