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Access Hollywood

Beyonce & Jay Z Go Vegan (Healthy Hollywood)

By Terri MacLeod — December 05, 2013

Now, with the superstar couple blogging and talking about their vegan journey, the debate over whether it’s healthier to eat meat or not is sure to heat up. So, it… more

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A Vote for Privacy is a Vote for Security

By Matthew Harwood — November 22, 2013

It couldn't be more black or white than this: "Spy on me, I'd rather be safe." That was the proposition before two teams of debaters at the Intelligence Squared U.S.… more

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Intelligence Squared U.S. Showcases Live In-Tweet Video Experience

By Intelligence Squared — October 30, 2013

Intelligence Squared U.S. Debates is the first online broadcast to showcase's new live, in-tweet video player. The new video player will play live streams and on-demand video directly… more

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The Fiscal Times

Break Up Big Banks? Here’s a Better Solution

By Suzanne McGee — October 21, 2013

"Break up the big banks!" As a rallying cry, this remains a pretty powerful one for Wall Street’s harshest critics. Even among some of those who understand the banking system… more

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Bloomberg View

The Winning Case Against Megabanks

By Simon Johnson — October 18, 2013

There continues to be a forceful economic debate about the cost of financial companies that are regarded -- by officials and by credit markets -- as “too big to fail.”… more

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