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The Christian Post

Now a Reality, Should Genetically Modified Babies Be Prohibited?

By Leonardo Blair — March 23, 2013

After an announcement last year that a series of experiments in the United States had resulted in the birth of 30 healthy genetically modified babies, genetics experts are now debating… more

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The Soapbox

Why I'm Not Buying Football Season Tickets

By Noah Kulwin — March 14, 2013

Last May, a group called Intelligence Squared sponsored a debate on whether to ban college football. A portion of the discussion concerned the nature of our “social contract” with higher… more

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The Great Debate Over The Strong Dollar

By John Carney — March 14, 2013

Does the U.S. need a strong dollar policy? The Kaufman Center played host to a debate on monetary policy Wednesday night. Officially the resolution under consideration was "America Doesn't Need… more

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Genetically Engineered Babies: Good Or Bad Idea?

By Richard Rende — February 20, 2013

Would you want the option of harnessing the power of genetics to alter the DNA of your unborn child? Would you want this to prevent disease? Select physical characteristics? Or… more

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Huffington Post Science

Genetically Engineered Babies? Experts Debate Idea Of 'Designer Baby' Ban

By Wynne Parry — February 19, 2013

NEW YORK — The increasing power and accessibility of genetic technology may one day give parents the option of modifying their unborn children, in order to spare offspring from disease… more

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