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Washington Post

‘Smart Drugs’ Are Here — Should College Students Be Allowed to Use Them?

By Princess Ojiaku — November 03, 2015

We use coffee to stay awake, good food and nutrition to stay healthy and alert. But if there was a drug that made you smarter, helped you learn, and made… more

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Why Banning Smart Drugs for College Students Is Impossible, Evil

By Robby Soave — November 03, 2015

Should college students be allowed to take Adderall and Modafinil to improve their academic performance, or should universities treat these so-called “smart drugs” the same way Major League Baseball treats… more

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Diverse Issues in Higher Education

Are Smart Drugs Good for College Students?

By Catherine Morris — November 03, 2015

Should college students take smart drugs? That was the question posed to a panel of professors at an Intelligence Squared debate at George Washington University on Monday night. more

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Washington Post

Colleges Should Allow Students to Take Smart Drugs

By Nita Farahany — November 03, 2015

Last night, I had the pleasure of debating my views on why college students should be allowed to take smart drugs. My partner, Anjan Chatterjee and I were in support… more

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Are China and the U.S.A. Long-Term Enemies?

By John Derbyshire — November 01, 2015

After taping this weekend’s Radio Derb, with its segments about U.S.-China tensions and geostrategy, I was browsing through my blog roll when I came across this at Steve Hsu’s site.… more

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