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The "War On Terror" And Its Debate Have No End

By Christopher Robbins — September 09, 2011

What does "The War on Terror" mean? Is it the legal authority granted to the president by Congress to use all "necessary and appropriate force" against the people, countries or… more

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Pulling the Plug on the 'War on Terror'

By Asad Hashim — September 08, 2011

Is it time to end the 'War on Terror'? That was the motion under debate on Wednesday night in New York City, as the Intelligence Squared Debate series brought experts… more

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We’ve Made Impressive Progress Since 9/11, But Danger Remains

By Max Boot — September 08, 2011

As the war on terror—or whatever we’re calling it this week—approaches its tenth anniversary, much of the popular analysis is founded on the premise that, following Osama bin Laden’s death… more

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Is Now the Time to End the War on Terror?

By Morning Joe — September 07, 2011

Former CIA director Michael Hayden and the Boston Globe's Juliette Kayyem hold opposing viewpoints on the value of continuing the War on Terror. They both join Morning Joe to discuss… more

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Is It Time To End the War on Terror?

By Elizabeth Weingarten — September 07, 2011

While the GOP contenders debating last night in Simi Valley, Calif., were engaged in a long discussion of the HPV vaccine and Rick Perry's unusual views about Social Security, the… more

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