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Losing the Organic Debate

By Dennis Avery — April 19, 2010

I lost a debate on organic food last week—to the city of New York. Intelligence Squared, a philanthropic foundation, which brings Oxford-style debating to American issues, invited me to be… more

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Is Organic Food Marketing Hype?

By Newsweek — April 18, 2010

Organic produce, and meat and dairy products, are a tiny—although growing—fraction of what Americans spend on food, on the order of 3 percent. And one would expect it to be… more

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Debate: Are Teachers Unions the Problem—or the Answer?

By Jerry Adler — April 18, 2010

Seeking to change their image of intransigence in defending every last job of every teacher, the unions maintain that they share the goal of improving schools and turning out better-educated… more

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Organic is Not Marketing Hype

By Stacey Slate — April 15, 2010

Asked whether organic is marketing hype, the audience in attendance at the Intelligence Squared April 13th debate in New York City, voted against the claim, 69% to 21% in favor… more

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I’m Not Going To Be in D.C. on June 8….

By James Fallows — April 13, 2010

... but if I were, I would be sure to go to this debate, by the US branch of the Intelligence Squared debate organization, on the proposition that "The cyber… more