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Evaluating the President’s Foreign Policy

By Jerry Adler — May 16, 2010

The story of Barack Obama's presidency to this point has mostly been written in domestic and economic policy. But he came to office promising to change American policy and rhetoric… more

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Lively Debate on Obama’s Foreign Policy

By Gary Rosenblatt — May 11, 2010

Has Barack Obama strengthened or weakened the U.S. in the eyes of the world through his foreign policy of engagement? In a lively encounter sponsored by Intelligence Squared U.S. Debates… more

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Majority in Sold-Out Intelligence Squared U.S. Audience Sides with Opposition

By IQ2US Press Release — May 11, 2010

The sold-out crowd in New York heard four experts, each with strong policy and intellectual credentials, debate the motion “Obama’s Foreign Policy Spells America’s Decline.” Prior to the debate, 23%… more

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Losing the Organic Debate

By Dennis Avery — April 19, 2010

I lost a debate on organic food last week—to the city of New York. Intelligence Squared, a philanthropic foundation, which brings Oxford-style debating to American issues, invited me to be… more

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Is Organic Food Marketing Hype?

By Newsweek — April 18, 2010

Organic produce, and meat and dairy products, are a tiny—although growing—fraction of what Americans spend on food, on the order of 3 percent. And one would expect it to be… more

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