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Majority Reject the Motion: Treat Terrorists like Enemy Combatants, not Criminals

By IQ2US Press Release — September 15, 2010

Intelligence Squared U.S., the Oxford-style debate series, an initiative of The Rosenkranz Foundation, kicked off the fall season with a lively debate on how the United States should treat accused… more

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Intelligence Squared, Cyber Warfare and Entertainment Extravaganzas

By Rick Howard — June 16, 2010

I attended the Intelligence Squared debate on Cyber Warfare on June 8, in Washington, DC. Those of you who read my blogs regularly know that I am an avid podcast… more

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The Rosenkranz Foundation Hosts First Intelligence Squared U.S. Debate Series

By TMC News — June 14, 2010

The Rosenkranz Foundation announced it hosted its first Intelligence Squared U.S. (IQ2US), an Oxford-style debate series, outside of New York City. more

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The "Cyber War Threat" Debate

By James Fallows — June 10, 2010

I mentioned back in April that I was going to be out of DC on June 8 -- but that if I had been around, I would have been sure… more

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Threat of Cyber War is Real According to Audience in Washington D.C.

By IQ2US Press Release — June 09, 2010

On Tuesday evening, a standing-room-only crowd at Washington, DC’s Newseum heard four of the country’s leading cyber experts discuss key issues related to the threats and challenges of the nation’s… more

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