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60 Seconds with... Robert Rosenkranz

By Marcia Stepanek — October 01, 2007

Robert Rosenkranz, 64, is chairman and CEO of Delphi Financial Group, Inc., and the founder and host of Manhattan's celebrated IQ2 Forum, a monthly gethering of the city's top movers… more

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Standing the Heat - A Global Warming Face-Off

By W. James Antle III — September 01, 2007

There’s no use arguing about it—global warming is an imminent catastrophe. At least that’s what the media-accredited experts keep telling us, and they aren’t shy about driving the point home.… more

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Global Meltdown

By Andrew Revkin — August 01, 2007

In the intellectual equivalent of a pro-wrestling “smackdown,” two teams of combatants enter a plush, packed auditorium on the Upper East Side for a debate titled “Global Warming Is Not… more

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A Hobby That’s Part Party, Part Debate, All Intellect

By Eric Konigsberg — June 02, 2007

When it comes to worthy recipients of noblesse largesse, a well-meaning multimillionaire in New York has no shortage of gratifying options: the sick and the poor; cultural institutions; universities; the… more

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Wary of the dragon?

By Frank Ching — May 30, 2007

Last week saw two events in Washington that illustrate the complexity of the Sino-US relationship. The first involved 15 ministers from China, led by Vice-Premier Wu Yi , who took… more

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