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Public Affairs: Intelligence Squared Brings Oxford Union Debating to the Land of Loudmouths

By Stephen Brunt — January 19, 2008

It might be the formula for an intriguing cocktail party, or the set-up to a long and elaborate joke. An ethicist, a famous retired ballplayer, a pediatrician, a very loud… more

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Intellectual Juicing

By Shawn Macomber — January 18, 2008

The Oxford-style Intelligence Squared debates at the Asia Society are precisely what I hoped to discover moving to New York City last spring: Provocative, unabashedly intellectual, lively. How could anyone… more

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Doping Debate

By Rachel Cohen — January 15, 2008

Just hours after baseball assured Congress it's working to address the sport's doping problem, another group debated whether performance-enhancing drugs should even be banned. more

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The Cool Peace? Resolved: Russia is becoming our enemy again.

By Michael Weiss — November 07, 2007

TUESDAY NIGHT MARKED the eleventh Intelligence Squared U.S. debate hosted at the Asia Society and Museum on Park Avenue. Generously endowed by the conservative philanthropist Robert Rosenkranz, IQ2US underwrites a… more

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Today’s Debate is on Erotic Art in the Bathroom

By Haim Handwerker — November 06, 2007

Robert Rosenkranz, New York multi-millionaire, wanted to do something different. He manages insurance and financial businesses dealing with a turnover of six billion dollars a year and frequently donates to… more

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