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Blaming Islam Itself for Militancy

By Gary Rosenblatt — October 11, 2011

I recommend that you listen to the full debate on NPR or watch it on Bloomberg television this week. For now, trust me that each of the four debaters has… more

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Gender Studies: The End?

By Rebecca Mead — October 10, 2011

Intelligence Squared U.S., the five-year-old debate-as-entertainment series that takes place at N.Y.U.'s Skirball Center, recently offered as a topic for discussion the proposition "Men Are Finished." more

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Debate: Do Grandma's Benefits Imperil Junior's Future?

By Elizabeth Maguire — October 05, 2011

Last night's Intelligence Squared U.S. debate series took a look at America's health care entitlement programs and examined their impact on future generations. more

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Let's Talk Intelligently!

By Judith Miller — October 01, 2011

Robert Rosenkranz was worried about America. Why was the nation's civil discourse becoming so uncivil, the conservative, New York insurance executive and philanthropist wondered. more

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China, India and Why Peter Thiel is Wrong About Education

By Vivek Wadhwa — September 30, 2011

We are in a knowledge economy and face brutal competition from all over the world. The weapons in these battles are education and innovation. We certainly need to get the… more

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