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Are Too Many Americans Earning Four-Year Degrees?

By Rebecca R. Ruiz — October 18, 2011

“True or false: too many kids go to college.” That was how John Donvan, an ABC News correspondent, began a debate last week about the necessity of an undergraduate degree. more

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Ideas Week Squares Off Over Need for College

By Michael Corio — October 16, 2011

The Intelligence Squared Foundation, which hosts and televises Oxford-style debates in New York, recently made its Chicago debut on Oct. 12 with the premise that "too many kids go to… more

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Resolved: Robert Rosenkranz is Working to Restore Intelligence and Civility--One Debate at a Time

By Naomi Schaefer Riley — October 14, 2011

"My parents were communists,” volunteers Robert Rosenkranz, “but not in any sophisticated way.” It was just a part of the New York “left-wing milieu.” Rosenkranz was skeptical of their ideology,… more

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Thiel on Chicago

By Danny Ecker — October 13, 2011

Paypal founder and Facebook angel investor Peter Thiel appeared in the Windy City as a part of Chicago Ideas Week, offering his views on the local tech scene, why a… more

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An Open Letter to Peter Thiel

By Vivek Wadhwa — October 13, 2011

So, here is my challenge to you: Why don’t you put your money and energy behind your convictions? If you indeed believe that we are headed for disaster, please work… more

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