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Risk/Return: 2 Paths to Fixing the Jobs Crisis

By Suzanne McGee — November 03, 2011

[T]wo teams squared off last month to debate the question of whether Congress should pass President Obama’s jobs plan – piecemeal, if necessary. The debate, held under the auspices of… more

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Too Late to Debate Obama Stimulus Plan

By Al Lewis — October 27, 2011

There was really no point to any further debate, but I went to the debate, anyway. It was part of the Intelligence Squared U.S. Debate Series at New York University's… more

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A Victory for the President’s Jobs Plan (Sort Of)

By Elizabeth Weingarten — October 25, 2011

Earlier this week, President Obama, ardent lover of three-word mantras, introduced a new slogan for his American Jobs Act: "We can't wait!" The president exhorted Congress to act on the… more

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Decisive Vote Says “Congress Should Pass Obama’s Jobs Plan- Piece By Piece” At Intelligence Squared U.S. Debate

By IQ2US Press Release — October 25, 2011

Last night NYU’s Skirball Center saw an overwhelming victory for the Intelligence Squared U.S. debate, “Congress Should Pass Obama’s Jobs Plan – Piece By Piece.” According to the final votes,… more

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Is Going to College Worth the Investment?

By Knowledge@Wharton — October 25, 2011

The value of a college education is under attack. While more U.S. students are enrolled than ever before, a perfect storm of soaring costs, rising student debt and shrinking job… more

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