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Two Muslims, Playing Against Stereotype

By Gary Rosenblatt — November 30, 2010

Zeba Khan was born and raised in a middle-class home in Toledo, Ohio, and for nine years attended the local Jewish day school, The Hebrew Academy, going to morning minyan… more

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Airport Security: Let's Profile Muslims

By Asra Nomani — November 29, 2010

As an American Muslim, I’ve come to recognize, sadly, that there is one common denominator defining those who’ve got their eyes trained on U.S. targets: MANY of them are Muslim—like… more

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The TSA is Keeping the Skies Safe

By Gabriel Schoenfeld — November 26, 2010

Since 9/11, al Qaeda has not succeeded in launching another terrorist spectacular in the United States. But it has succeeded in provoking a spectacular debate about aviation security. Several weeks… more

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Murdock: It's Time to Profile Terrorists at U.S. Airports

By Deroy Murdock — November 24, 2010

As Americans fly this Thanksgiving holiday, critics of new security measures are arriving at airports in kilts. Subsequent pat downs will be quite enhanced, indeed. Pre-flight screening has moved from… more

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New York Audience Weighs in on Propriety of Racial & Religious Profiling at Airports

By IQ2US Press Release — November 23, 2010

Intelligence Squared U.S., the Oxford-style debate series, an initiative of The Rosenkranz Foundation, hosted a debate last night on the motion, U.S. Airports Should Use Racial & Religious Profiling. Given… more

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