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Debate: Are Men Falling Behind or Women Getting Ahead?

By By Emily Burlinghaus — September 21, 2011

Students and locals gathered last night in NYU's Skirball Center to catch the latest Intelligence Squared Debate. This time around, panelists posed the question: Are men truly lagging in such… more

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Apparently, Men Are Finished

By Elizabeth Weingarten — September 21, 2011

In the middle of Tuesday night's Slate/Intelligence Squared U.S. debate, ABC News chief legal analyst Dan Abrams presented this damning piece of evidence: "Between 1995 and 2008, 82 percent of… more

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Debate: Are Men Finished?

By Cassandra Garrison — September 21, 2011

Team members debated whether women have claimed the alpha spot. The age-old debate between men and women continued Tuesday night at New York University's Skirball Center. more

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Dan Abrams Says Men Will Not Be Able to Survive on the “Fumes Of Sexism” for Much Longer

By Meredith Lepore — September 21, 2011

This was just one of the many things Dan Abrams, ABC News legal analyst and author of the book Man Down, said at the Intelligence Squared Debate held at New… more

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Women Are Joining Men as Partners in Running the World, Not Replacing Them

By Christina Hoff Sommers — September 15, 2011

Women are joining men as partners in running the world, but they are not replacing men and never will. more

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