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The Discerning Brute

Debate: Don't Eat Anything With A Face

By D.R. Hildebrand — December 12, 2013

Earlier this month, The Discerning Brute covered promotions for the debate event “Don’t Eat Anything with a Face.” It got a lot of press traction. Hosted by the U.S. affiliate… more

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Scientific American

Face Off! A Debate About Eating Anything With A Face

By Layla Eplett — December 10, 2013

Is it healthier to be a vegetarian? Or an omnivore? And how much of an environmental impact does livestock really have? These questions can spark a lively debate and that’s… more

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Should We Eat Anything With A Face? Vegetarianism Vs. Carnivorism

By Matthew Zuras — December 08, 2013

Vegetarianism has been a part of human culture since the dawn of civilization, when Greek philosophers debated the morality of killing animals for their flesh. It was Pythagoras, the father… more

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The Daily Lipid

Reflections on the "Don't Eat Anything With a Face" Debate, Part 1: Overall Impressions and Lessons

By Chris Masterjohn — December 07, 2013

This past Wednesday I participated in an Intelligence Squared US debate, "Don't Eat Anything With a Face." Dr. Neal Barnard and Gene Baur argued for the motion, while Joel Salatin… more

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Should We Eat Anything With A Face?

By Summer Anne Burton — December 07, 2013

Wednesday night, the Intelligence Squared U.S. debate series took on vegetarianism and animal rights with the motion “should we eat anything with a face?” So who won? The debate spanned… more

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