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How Old Is Too Old? A Debate on Toying with the Human Life Span

By Eric Boodman — February 04, 2016

Should we toy with the human life span? As it turns out, four experts on that subject gathered in New York City on Wednesday to debate that very topic in… more

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Senior Planet

Is 78.8 Years a Long Enough Life?

By Senior Planet — February 02, 2016

With more and more money being funneled into the field, more health data being crunched and chances increasing that scientists will crack the aging code, it’s a good time to… more

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Foreign Policy

A Humanitarian Stimulus

By Gordon Adams — February 01, 2016

It's time to dispose of the politics of fear and embrace a pro-refugee, pro-economy policy. [...] The new Middle East refugees appear to fit this pattern. In a recent Intelligence… more

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Big Think

The Presidential Candidate Debates Are a Circus, but a New Debate Format Can Fix That

By John Donvan on Big Think — January 29, 2016

Our presidential debate moderators are stuck in an impossible position: Either they allow candidates to spin and not give real answers to questions, or, when they interrupt and insist on… more

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Women of the World

Is It Reasonable to Resettle Refugees in America?

By Women of the World — January 24, 2016

The Syrian refugee crisis coinciding with America’s Presidential Campaigns has brought the emotional debate over refugees into the political arenas of nearly every state and over the internet. Candidates and… more

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