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Arguing the Economy

By Nicole Gelinas — November 18, 2009

“Obama’s economic policies are working effectively.” That was the motion that Intelligence Squared US put to its New York audience Monday night for a vote. One three-man team defended the… more

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Eliot Spitzer: Obama Economic Policies Ineffective, A Continuation Of Bush

By Huffington Post — November 18, 2009

Are Obama's economic policies actually working? Intelligence Squared posed this question to six policy experts at a debate in New York this week. more

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Rattner v. Spitzer: A Battle Royale Over the U.S. Response to the Financial Crisis

By Jamie Heller — November 17, 2009

Just hours after a government audit lambasted the New York Fed as meek in its role in AIG’s rescue last fall, two big names in the financial world sparred over… more

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Eliot Spitzer Ends Up on Losing End of Village Debate

By Heather Grossmann — November 17, 2009

Neither his trademark Cheshire-cat smile, nor his plucky self-confidence was enough to rescue former Gov. Eliot Spitzer from losing the vote Monday night. more

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Good Riddance To The Mainstream Media? Not Quite Yet

By Mediabistro/FishbowlNY — October 28, 2009

The New York Times' David Carr stole the show at last night's Intelligence Squared debate on the merits of the mainstream media, when he pulled out a print out of… more

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