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Diverse Issues in Higher Education

Debaters Successfully Argue That Free Speech Is Under Threat

By Catherine Morris — March 02, 2016

Do the campus protests and debates that roil around speech that has been deemed “offensive” or “racist” signal a threat to free speech or are we simply moving into a… more

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New Haven Register

New Haven Debate Will Focus on Whether Free Speech Is Threatened on Campuses

By Ed Stannard — February 26, 2016

The atmosphere on campuses nationwide has become charged with accusations, on one side, that “micro-aggressions” are hurtful to women and people of color, and countercharges that universities are censoring speakers.… more

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The Takeaway

This Debate Model Could Actually Challenge Presidential Candidates

By The Takeaway — February 25, 2016

The five reaming Republican candidates will debate tonight in Houston. The debates have draw big ratings wins for news organizations—13.5 million people watched the last GOP debate on CBS two… more

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Washington Times

Megyn Kelly but No Donald Trump at Fox News Forum

By Jennifer Harper — February 22, 2016

As mentioned previously, the tenth Republican debate looms Thursday — hosted by CNN and Telemundo, moderated by Wolf Blitzer and staged at the University of Houston in Texas. But there… more

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Wall Street Journal

We Need Better Presidential Debates

By Robert Rosenkranz and John Donvan — February 21, 2016

Prime-time presidential debates were a brilliant innovation of the 1960s, meant to inform voters and let them see the candidates in action. Their format, however, is due for an update.… more

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