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Eben Alexander

Post Debate Reflections: The Sound of One Hand Clapping

By Eben Alexander — May 09, 2014

The current online voting for Wednesday (May 7, 2014) night’s debate shows Dr Moody and myself (Dr Eben Alexander) victorious (currently 68:32, from 50:50 before the debate). I suspect that… more

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Preposterous Universe

Afterlife Aftermath

By Sean Carroll — May 09, 2014

You’ll be happy to hear that the good guys “won.” In scare quotes because helping the world’s population understand that naturalism is the right way to view the universe is… more

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Skeptical Science

Debate: Death is not Final – #AfterDeath

By Dave Gamble — May 08, 2014

Now here is a really interesting (for me) debate from Intelligence squared. more

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Neurologica Blog

After the Afterlife Debate

By Dr. Steven Novella — May 08, 2014

The debate hosted by Intelligence Squared on the proposition – Death is not Final, was a lot of fun. Of course, I am pleased with the outcome, as I think… more

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Science World Report

Near Death Experiences: Does the Brain Create Consciousness?

By Kathleen Lees — May 08, 2014

Does consciousness exist outside the brain, pointing to a less observable world than meets the eye? Or are near death and out-of-body experiences simply signs of oxygen deprivation, showcasing a… more

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