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The Philadelphia Inquirer

Violating the ideals he pledged to uphold

By Hina Shamsi — March 02, 2014

The White House is once again weighing whether to kill an American citizen overseas as part of its "targeted killing" program. This extrajudicial killing program should make every American queasy.… more

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The Washington Post

Intelligence Squared debate: Affirmative action on campus does more harm than good

By Nicholas Quinn Rosenkranz — February 28, 2014

Intelligence Squared presented a very lively debate last night at Harvard Law School — “Resolved: Affirmative Action On Campus Does More Harm Than Good.” Arguing for the motion were Gail… more

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The Harvard Crimson

Law School Hosts Debate on the Merits of Affirmative Action

By Tyler S. Olkowski and Rachel H. Star — February 28, 2014

A panel featuring Harvard Law School professor Randall L. Kennedy and others debated the pros and cons of affirmative action Thursday evening at the Law School’s Ames Court Room. Arguing… more

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The Washington Post

FDA considers controversial fertility procedure. What’s at stake?

By Nita Farahany — February 25, 2014

On Tuesday Feb. 25 and Wednesday Feb. 26, the FDA will consider a controversial cutting-edge fertility procedure otherwise known as “oocyte modification in assisted reproduction for the prevention of transmission… more

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Was Snowden Justified?

By Scott Johnson — February 15, 2014

The Volokh Conspiracy’s Nicholas Rosenkranz links to the “particularly lively” Intelligence Squared debate this week in New York City: “Resolved: Snowden Was Justified.” Arguing for the motion were Daniel Ellsberg,… more

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