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The mismatch problem: Why college football scholarships are not enough

April 22, 2014

Have you ever had a moment when you heard an argument that made you examine a long-held belief?

I had a moment like that recently when listening to an NPR Intelligence Squared podcast on college admissions. Intelligence Squared is a high-quality product, as the debate is civil, fact-heavy, and performed with great skill. In other words, it's everything that cable news is not, sort of like reading the best of the college football internet as opposed to relying on Holtz and May to analyze team strength.

EDWARDS: Bad questions hinder productive debates, conversations

April 23, 2014

“Millennials Don’t Stand a Chance” was the title and winning motion of the April 16 episode of Intelligence Squared, a NPR debate podcast. After an hour of debate, the side arguing against millennials, people born from the mid-1980s to the late 1990s, won citing the generations tendencies for optimism and narcissism as being the twin roots of their downfall.

What Millennials Want From The Fashion World

April 15, 2014

Millennials haven’t been dealt a very good hand in life: many have graduated into one of the worst recessions in decades, many have piling amounts of student debt, and many suffer a routine malaise and dissatisfaction with their current status in life.

This bad lot leads many people to believe that millennials are, in fact, doomed, which was the proposition in consideration at last week’s Intelligence Squared debate here in New York City, “Millennials Don’t Stand A Chance.” Four debators participated in the discussion, and the side for the proposition–the side that believed millennial’s don’t stand a chance–ended up winning the debate.

Millennials Stand No Chance, Says One Panel And Auditorium

April 13, 2014

Earlier this week, over the course of two hours, a panel of four speakers and an auditorium of voters at the Kaufman Music Center in New Yok City decided that we millennials stand no chance.

Why I'm Not Buying Football Season Tickets

March 14, 2013

Last May, a group called Intelligence Squared sponsored a debate on whether to ban college football. A portion of the discussion concerned the nature of our “social contract” with higher education, and by extension college sports. New Yorker writer Malcolm Gladwell’s comment explained the logic to ban college football best: “Nowhere in that social contract does it say that it’s okay to promote and encourage young men to hit themselves over and over again in the head in the name of entertainment.”

Should We Ban College Football?

May 07, 2012

Big money, corruption, and injury have put college football in the spotlight. Tomorrow night, Intelligence Squared will debate the idea of banning college football. Buzz Bissinger, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and author of Friday Night Lights -- and supporter of a ban -- previews the conversation with Tim Green, announcer and former Atlanta Falcons defensive end -- who opposes a ban. Tim Green is also the author of Pinch Hit.

Get Real! Ban College Football?

May 07, 2012

Soledad O'Brien and the Starting Point panel discusses Buzz Bissinger's Wall Street Journal opinion piece, in which he calls for college football to be banned because it "has no academic purpose."

Would Banning College Football Actually Help Academics?

May 07, 2012

Last week, Friday Night Lights author Buzz Bissinger offered his arguments for why college football should be eliminated. The article appears in advance of tomorrow night’s Intelligence Squared debate, in which Bissinger and author Malcolm Gladwell will argue in favor of a ban on college football. They will be opposed by former NFL defensive end Tim Green and sportswriter Jason Whitlock. Bissinger’s piece gets at some serious issues with college football and raises some fantastic questions, but it ultimately misses exactly how important the sport is to academic programs at universities across the nation.

Should College Football Be Banned?

May 09, 2012

Buzz Bissinger, author of Friday Night Lighters and former defensive end for the Atlantic Falcons Tim Greene debate the dangers of college football including concussions and it’s lack of academic purpose.

Intelligence Squared U.S. New York Audience Decides to “Ban College Football”

May 09, 2012

Last night, Intelligence Squared U.S. continued its spring 2012 season with a victory for the motion “Ban College Football.” In the final tally, Malcolm Gladwell and Buzz Bissinger won the Oxford-style debate by convincing 37% of the audience to change their minds and oppose the motion. After the debate, 53% of audience members agreed that college football has no place in an academic environment, up from 16% pre-debate.

Ban College Football? Breaking Down a Debate

May 09, 2012

Two prominent writers argued for banning college football on Tuesday night at New York University’s Skirball Center as part of the Intelligence Squared U.S. Debates series. Their opponents were two journalists, who also happened to be former players. Buzz Bissinger (the author of the high school football book “Friday Night Lights”) and Malcolm Gladwell (the best-selling author and New Yorker staff writer who compared football to dogfighting) want to get rid of football on campus. Tim Green (a former N.F.L. defensive end) and Jason Whitlock (a Fox Sports correspondent who played football in college) want it to stay.

Ban College Football

May 10, 2012

As part of the Intelligence Squared debate series, I teamed with up Buzz Bissinger (of “Friday Night LIghts” fame) in support of the proposition that college football should be banned...

Should College Football Be Banned?

May 11, 2012

Ban college football? Blasphemy! Except that’s exactly what more than half of the (fortunately non-policy-making) audience voted to do earlier this week at the Intelligence Squared debate at NYU.

Saturday's Child: Why We Should Ban College Football....

May 18, 2012

Everyone who loves college football and the young men who play the game needs to watch this exchange. For the proposition Ban College Football were Buzz Bissinger, a Pulitzer Prize winning author and Malcolm Gladwell, a well-known, distinguished author currently writing for the New Yorker Magazine. Opposing the proposition that college football be banned were Tim Green, an NFL great who played defensive end for the Atlanta Falcons—recruited out of Syracuse University. Joining Green in opposition to banning college football was Jason Whitlock who played his college football at Ball State as an offensive lineman—now a national columnist for Fox Sports.

Bidding for stability in a time of uncertain values

February 06, 2009

The art market is still alive. That was the relieved verdict of the dealers and collectors who braved the snow in London this week to watch Sotheby's and Christie's hold the first Impressionist and Modern art sales of the season.

The New York fairs

October 18, 2009

On 1Q2US, the Winter Antiques Show 2009, The Armory Show, The Art Show, and “Placing Avery: Paintings and Prints from the Collection of the Neuberger Museum of Art” at the UBS Gallery, New York.

Today’s Debate is on Erotic Art in the Bathroom

November 06, 2007

Robert Rosenkranz, New York multi-millionaire, wanted to do something different. He manages insurance and financial businesses dealing with a turnover of six billion dollars a year and frequently donates to Yale University. He collects Chinese and Asian Art and funded the first Arabic translation of the American Declaration of Independence. However all this did not satisfy him. He wanted to be influential--therefore he chose to establish a debating club in New York.

Good Riddance To The Mainstream Media? Not Quite Yet

October 28, 2009

The New York Times' David Carr stole the show at last night's Intelligence Squared debate on the merits of the mainstream media, when he pulled out a print out of fellow debater Michael Wolff's Web site Newser all full of holes.

Dan Abrams and David Zinczenko to Decide the Fate of Man

August 02, 2011

Everyone likes to debate manhood lately, so why not toss some more wood onto that fire? Two of New York’s most powerful (and manly?) media men – Dan Abrams and David Zinczenko – are going to talk it out in a debate at NYU’s Skirball center on September 20.

Are Women on Top? A Major Gender-Equality Debate

August 29, 2011

On September 20, New York City’s premier live debate series, Intelligence Squared U.S., will debate new issues surrounding gender equality. In a modern, information-age economy that appears better suited for women, many wonder if men are now permanently trailing.

The Last Days of the American Male

September 13, 2011

An interview with journalist Hanna Rosin: Why she'll argue that "men are finished" at the Sept. 20 Slate/Intelligence Squared U.S. debate. Hanna Rosin's 2010 Atlantic cover story, "The End of Men," was one of the most talked-about magazine articles in recent years.

Women Are Joining Men as Partners in Running the World, Not Replacing Them

September 15, 2011

Women are joining men as partners in running the world, but they are not replacing men and never will.

Overwhelming Victory for the Motion “Men Are Finished” at Intelligence Squared U.S. Debates

September 21, 2011

Last night at NYU’s Skirball Center audience members gave an overwhelming victory to the team defending the proposition “Men Are Finished.” According to the final votes, Dan Abrams and Hanna Rosin convinced 46% of the audience to change their minds over the course of the evening, winning the Oxford style debate by a landslide.

Debate: Are Men Falling Behind or Women Getting Ahead?

September 21, 2011

Students and locals gathered last night in NYU's Skirball Center to catch the latest Intelligence Squared Debate. This time around, panelists posed the question: Are men truly lagging in such areas as academia and the work force, or are women simply catching up in fields that were previously ruled by men?

Apparently, Men Are Finished

September 21, 2011

In the middle of Tuesday night's Slate/Intelligence Squared U.S. debate, ABC News chief legal analyst Dan Abrams presented this damning piece of evidence: "Between 1995 and 2008, 82 percent of lightning strikes were on men," Even God, Abrams told the packed house at NYU's Skirball Center, has decided that men are finished.

Debate: Are Men Finished?

September 21, 2011

Team members debated whether women have claimed the alpha spot. The age-old debate between men and women continued Tuesday night at New York University's Skirball Center.

Dan Abrams Says Men Will Not Be Able to Survive on the “Fumes Of Sexism” for Much Longer

September 21, 2011

This was just one of the many things Dan Abrams, ABC News legal analyst and author of the book Man Down, said at the Intelligence Squared Debate held at New York University’s Skirball Center that I attended.

Zinczenko Vs. Abrams: Are Men Done For?

September 22, 2011

On Tuesday night, the fate of men hung in the balance: The event that evening at NYU was an Intelligence Squared/Slate debate on the bold resolution that Men Are Finished. Representing his gender was famed Men's Health dudeitor David Zinczenko in a shiny aubergine tie that coordinated nicely with the pinky-beige top worn by his debating partner, American Enterprise Institute's Christina Hoff Sommers.

Is Mankind Doomed?

September 22, 2011

Are men going extinct? Maybe so, according to the results of a recent Intelligence Squared debate. Men’s Health editor-in-chief David Zinczenko took the stage on Tuesday night at NYU’s Skirball Center to argue against the idea that “men are finished.” Christina Hoff Sommers, author of The War Against Boys, joined Zinczenko on the defense, while Dan Abrams, author of Man Down and Slate’s Hanna Rosin (who wrote an article last year titled “The End of Men” for The Atlantic) led the attack against the Y chromosome.