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Pulling the Plug on the 'War on Terror'

September 08, 2011

Is it time to end the 'War on Terror'? That was the motion under debate on Wednesday night in New York City, as the Intelligence… more

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We’ve Made Impressive Progress Since 9/11, But Danger Remains

September 08, 2011

As the war on terror—or whatever we’re calling it this week—approaches its tenth anniversary, much of the popular analysis is founded on the premise that,… more

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Is Now the Time to End the War on Terror?

September 07, 2011

Former CIA director Michael Hayden and the Boston Globe's Juliette Kayyem hold opposing viewpoints on the value of continuing the War on Terror. They both… more

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Is It Time To End the War on Terror?

September 07, 2011

While the GOP contenders debating last night in Simi Valley, Calif., were engaged in a long discussion of the HPV vaccine and Rick Perry's unusual… more

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Last Night’s War on Terror Debate at Skirball Was Pretty One-Sided

September 07, 2011

As we approach the tenth anniversary of 9/11, it is necessary as a society to analyze the effects of the War on Terror. How has… more

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Decisive Victory to Continue the War on Terror

September 07, 2011

Last night audience members at the Intelligence Squared US debate “It’s Time to End the War on Terror” gave a decisive victory to the debate… more

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Are Women on Top? A Major Gender-Equality Debate

August 29, 2011

On September 20, New York City’s premier live debate series, Intelligence Squared U.S., will debate new issues surrounding gender equality. In a modern, information-age economy… more

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Intelligence Squared U.S. Debates Featured as a Critics' Pick

August 16, 2011

At this edition of the lively Intelligence Squared debate series, CNN national security analyst Peter Bergen and Harvard professor–terrorism specialist Juliette Kayyem argue in favor… more

CNN, NSA and CIA heads to discuss war on terror

CNN, NSA and CIA heads to discuss war on terror

August 13, 2011

Is it time to end the war on terror? That's the provocative question that will be discussed on Sept. 7, when Intelligence Squared U.S. hosts… more

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Dan Abrams and David Zinczenko to Decide the Fate of Man

August 02, 2011

Everyone likes to debate manhood lately, so why not toss some more wood onto that fire? Two of New York’s most powerful (and manly?) media… more