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Pointed Political Debate, Minus All the Shouting

October 18, 2009

POLARIZING political talk, overwrought in the extreme, is making for big headlines these days, so it is somewhat counterintuitive (or maybe just smart counterprogramming) that… more

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Is ‘Buy American’ a Slogan Worth Preserving?

October 18, 2009

Published Sep 25, 2009 From the magazine issue dated Oct 5, 2009 Call it the Rubber-Chicken War—the looming trade dispute between the United States (which… more

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Can the War in Afghanistan Still Be Won?

October 18, 2009

From the magazine issue dated Oct 19, 2009 Only those who were in the room know what was said in the series of White House… more

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The Other Side Was in the Last Throes, if You Will

May 14, 2009

We now know at least one reason former vice president Dick Cheney was taking the Acela up to New York on Monday morning: He was… more

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Cheney in Manhattan: 'A giant conspiracy' on Iran

May 11, 2009

Former Vice President Dick Cheney swung quietly through New York City Tuesday night to watch his daughter, Elizabeth, a former State Department official, argue the… more

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Who's to Blame: Washington or Wall Street?

March 29, 2009

It won't help anyone recoup the money lost in the housing bubble or the market crash or the recession, but there's a certain satisfaction in… more

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March 17, 2009

An Oxford-style debate held last night at New York's Rockefeller University featured an argument over whether Washington or Wall Street "was more to blame for… more

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Bidding for stability in a time of uncertain values

February 06, 2009

The art market is still alive. That was the relieved verdict of the dealers and collectors who braved the snow in London this week to… more

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For Love or Money

February 06, 2009

"IT IS A CONTEST of wit and logic and ideas and facts and argument and, most of all, persuasion." more

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Is combating climate change worth the cost?

January 13, 2009

It's a topic that is likely to come up more and more after President-elect Barack Obama moves into the White House next week. more