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Karl Rove launches 'Bush legacy project' with Iraq war claim

December 05, 2008

Karl Rove made the claim as the president's inner circle launched an unofficial "Bush legacy project", with their old boss preparing to leave the White… more

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Is Bush the Worst President in the Last 50 Years?

December 02, 2008

Karl Rove, a close confidant and former adviser to President Bush, said Tuesday he did not believe the administration would have gone to war in… more

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Rove Defends Bush: He's Not Worst President Of Past 50 Years

December 02, 2008

George W. Bush is the worst United States president of the last fifty years. more

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Rove: Bush hardly worst president

December 02, 2008

Karl Rove -- the architect, the one-time senior White House adviser to President Bush -- walked into the lion's den Tuesday night to argue that… more

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Debating the Vices and Virtues of Google

November 19, 2008

The question on the table is "Google violates its 'don't be evil' motto." more

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Up Next for Debate: Carbon Costs

November 16, 2008

A sequel to the ballyhooed debate in 2007 over the motion that "Global Warming is Not a Crisis" has been scheduled in New York City… more

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Where's Wayne?

October 27, 2008

Tonight in New York City, I'll be participating in a gun control debate hosted by Intelligence Squared, in partnership with National Public Radio. more

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Police chief to join gun debate

October 27, 2008

Seattle Police Chief Gil Kerlikowske thinks having more guns in the community doesn't deter crime, and he plans to argue that Tuesday night in a… more

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A Show of Hands

September 18, 2008

NEW YORK--The other night we attended the first-of-the-season Intelligence Squared debate. We've been going to these for a while and always find them interesting and… more

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Are Kidneys a Commodity?

May 26, 2008

Lloyd Cohen thinks people should have the right to buy or sell organs, an idea reviled by doctors. As of last Wednesday at 5:44 p.m.,… more