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The Cool Peace? Resolved: Russia is becoming our enemy again.

November 07, 2007

TUESDAY NIGHT MARKED the eleventh Intelligence Squared U.S. debate hosted at the Asia Society and Museum on Park Avenue. Generously endowed by the conservative philanthropist… more

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Today’s Debate is on Erotic Art in the Bathroom

November 06, 2007

Robert Rosenkranz, New York multi-millionaire, wanted to do something different. He manages insurance and financial businesses dealing with a turnover of six billion dollars a… more

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60 Seconds with... Robert Rosenkranz

October 01, 2007

Robert Rosenkranz, 64, is chairman and CEO of Delphi Financial Group, Inc., and the founder and host of Manhattan's celebrated IQ2 Forum, a monthly gethering… more

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Standing the Heat - A Global Warming Face-Off

September 01, 2007

There’s no use arguing about it—global warming is an imminent catastrophe. At least that’s what the media-accredited experts keep telling us, and they aren’t shy… more

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Global Meltdown

August 01, 2007

In the intellectual equivalent of a pro-wrestling “smackdown,” two teams of combatants enter a plush, packed auditorium on the Upper East Side for a debate… more

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A Hobby That’s Part Party, Part Debate, All Intellect

June 02, 2007

When it comes to worthy recipients of noblesse largesse, a well-meaning multimillionaire in New York has no shortage of gratifying options: the sick and the… more

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Wary of the dragon?

May 30, 2007

Last week saw two events in Washington that illustrate the complexity of the Sino-US relationship. The first involved 15 ministers from China, led by Vice-Premier… more

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Legal Thinkers Clash in Debate on U.S. Surveillance

April 23, 2007

Better more domestic surveillance than another Sept. 11, 2001, type of attack on U.S. soil? That was the question in a lively, sold-out, Oxford-style debate… more

Gore's Return - New York Sun Editorial

Gore's Return - New York Sun Editorial

March 21, 2007

Vice President Gore returns this afternoon to the Senate in which he represented the Volunteer State and served, as vice president, as the tiebreaking vote.… more

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The climate's just perfect for a debate

March 16, 2007

There couldn't be a better week to poke the hot- button issue of climate change. The past two days, the temperature in New York was… more