“From wherever you stood, the opposing side offered respectable, credible views. In today's fractured culture the evening struck a blow for civility.”

- The Huffington Post

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Better Elected Islamists Than Dictators Debate at Kaufman Center

Post-Debate: Better Elected Islamists Than Dictators

By IQ2US Staff — October 15, 2012

We held the second sold-out debate of our Fall 2012 season last Thursday at NYC’s Kaufman Center.
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Better Elected Islamists Than Dictators


By John Donvan — October 03, 2012

"I-S-M." Three letters that keep on making history, when they show up at the end of otherwise benign, mild-mannered words. Capitalism. Communism. Socialism. Ism turns ideas into ideologies, ambitions into movements, religions into political systems.

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Romney & Obama

"Modern politicians don't partake in debates. Not real ones." Featured

By John Donvan, Washington Post Op-Ed — September 28, 2012

"In presidential politics, a debate — a real debate — is a test like no other. That’s why none of us has never seen one."

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Our Pre-and Post-Debate Results Graphs

For? Against? Undecided? How Your Vote Works Online

By IQ2US Staff — September 26, 2012

Ever miss the debate, but wish you could vote anyway? Looking to compare how online audiences voted vs. live audiences?

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Premiere Debate at Kaufman Center

IQ2US Premieres Sold-Out Debate on Super PACs

By IQ2US Staff — September 14, 2012

We kicked off our Fall 2012 debate season with a sold-out audience at Kaufman Center in New York City. The topic of the evening? How Super PAC spending has changed the face of politics.
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John Donvan Moderates "Two Cheers for Super PACs"

CHA-CHING! Sounds like Politics

By John Donvan — September 12, 2012

Money talks. And money corrupts. What language does money speak, anyway?

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John Donvan: Fall 2012 Debates

Countdown to Infinity

By John Donvan — August 16, 2012

Infinity minus 62. Figure that one out and you know how many more questions, propositions, arguments, resolutions, and formal motions remain for Intelligence Squared U.S. to bring to our stage.

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John Donvan Moderates No Fracking Way

Frick and Frack

By John Donvan — June 28, 2012

A short note on Frick and Frack -- and then on "Frickin' Frackin'" "Frick and Frack," you may know, is a common term used to describe two guys who get on well with each other. The original Frick and Frack? A Swiss comedy ice skating duo in the 1930s. Now you know. Frickin' Frackin' -- on the other hand? Well, we made that up (we think) to capture the spirit of the debate we're staging at the Aspen Ideas Festival. It's on the way we're getting energy out of the ground these days. Here we have two sides who, to put it mildly, are NOT getting along.

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Yin Meet Yang

By John Donvan — May 11, 2012

Internet Debate Blog Image

Yin, meet Yang. Ideally, that's what happens when two sides debate. Or does it? Not to be overly self-referential, but in our upcoming Intelligence Squared U.S. debate – one week from today (Tuesday, April 17), the topic up for debate, is the state of debate itself – the quality of our political discourse in the age of the blog, the Facebook page, and a relentlessly rolling twitter feed.

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Behind The Scenes With IQ2US

By IQ2 Staff — May 11, 2012

China Dinner Blog Gallery

After each debate, we continue the conversation at an intimate dinner with the panelists.

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