“From wherever you stood, the opposing side offered respectable, credible views. In today's fractured culture the evening struck a blow for civility.”

- The Huffington Post

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Thomas James Fall 2013 Illustrations

Spotlight on Thomas James, Illustrator

By IQ2US Staff — September 17, 2013

We are pleased to introduce artist Thomas James, whose illustrations have been featured in everything from The Wall Street Journal to WIRED Magazine.

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Peter Thiel vs. Vivek Wadhwa

Thiel vs. Wadhwa: The Higher Education Debate Continues

By IQ2US Staff — September 11, 2013

Since taking sides nearly two years ago at our debate Too Many Kids Go To College, panelists Vivek Wadhwa and Peter Thiel have continued the debate off the stage.

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John Donvan

I hate doing this.

By John Donvan — September 04, 2013

In my starting days as a TV interviewer, I had a weird habit.

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Telly Awards Winner

Intelligence Squared U.S. Twice Named Winner in the 34th Annual Telly Awards

By IQ2 Staff — August 22, 2013

The 34th Annual Telly Awards has recognized Intelligence Squared U.S. with two awards in the Film & Video category: the Silver Award for Live Events and the Bronze Award for Political/Commentary, competing against nearly 12,000 entries from all 50 states and numerous countries.

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New York Festivals Award Winner

Intelligence Squared U.S. Wins Best Public Affairs Program on Radio

By IQ2 Staff — June 18, 2013

We are honored to announced that Intelligence Squared U.S. has been named the 2013 winner of the Silver Radio Award for Best Public Affairs Program at the New York Festivals International Radio Programs & Promos Awards.

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The FDA's Caution Is Hazardous To Our Health

Who's in your medicine cabinet?

By John Donvan — May 01, 2013

Yikes! There's a man in your medicine cabinet!

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The GOP Must Seize The Center Or Die

Earth to the GOP

By John Donvan — April 10, 2013

Losing has a way of focusing the mind.

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Abolish the Minimum Wage

Debate Prep: Abolish the Minimum Wage

By IQ2US Staff — April 08, 2013

Did you know our research team spends hundreds of hours preparing for every debate? Go behind-the-scenes with our Debate Education Library, the most comprehensive collection of debate research on the web.

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America Doesn't Need A Strong Dollar Policy

Big and $trong

By John Donvan — March 05, 2013

Give me a big, strong … um ... DOLLAR ... please.

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Jack Lew and President Obama

In the Headlines: America’s Strong Dollar Policy

By IQ2US Staff — February 28, 2013

Newly confirmed Treasury Secretary Jack Lew seems to know where he stands on our next debate. Our next debate, America Doesn’t Need A Strong Dollar Policy is an issue that has recently been brought to the attention on the Senate floor.

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