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Debate Prep: Abolish the Minimum Wage

By IQ2US Staff — April 08, 2013

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The Myopic Empiricism of the Minimum Wage
Bryan Caplan, Library of Economics and Liberty
"From the standpoint of public policy, the minimum wage is a symbol of the view that 'feel-good' policies are viable solutions to social ills."

Why We Shouldn't Raise The Minimum Wage
Kevin Hassett and Michael Strain, Los Angeles Times
"Raising the wage will make it more expensive to hire younger and low-skill workers. There are better ways to help the poor."

Why We Need to Raise The Minimum Wage
Andy Stern and Carl Camden, Los Angeles Times
"A higher wage will lift hardworking Americans out of poverty and break their link with government assistance."

Minimum Wage 101
Arindrajit Dube interview with Mike Konczal, The American Prospect
Dube discusses the minimum wage as a policy mechanism.

Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938: Maximum Struggle for a Minimum Wage
Jonathan Grossman, U.S. Department of Labor
A history of the Fair Labor Standards Act that started it all in 1938.

The Business of the Minimum Wage
Christina Romer, The New York Times
"The economics of the minimum wage are complicated, and it’s far from obvious what an increase would accomplish."

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  • Comment Link Richard Chalmers Thursday, 25 April 2013 13:49 posted by Richard Chalmers

    Those who are opposed to the minimum wage are out of touch with what it takes to live. I wonder how many of them have actually lived on the minimum wage? And I'm not talking about when you're young, on your own, with no children or other responsibilites. It's hard for me to believe anyone with half a heart would do that to another human being. What you're talking about is, essentially, reducing the circumstances of the most disadvantaged among us. Frankly, you have no moral arguement. Thank God for the labor unions who fought so hard for workers to have a minimum wage and other rights. Those rights are being slowly eroded as those on the right consolidate their power and riches. Frankly, I'll take the word of a worker over that of a economist anyday.

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