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Americans Vote to Toke

By IQ2US Staff — November 08, 2012

Is it time to legalize not just marijuana, but all drugs?



The map above represents the legalization of medical marijuana in 18 states and the District of Columbia - not to mention Tuesday's vote in Colorado and Washington to legalize posession of pot. With the highest incarceration rate in the world, and more than $2 trillion dedicated to fighting the "war on drugs," we continue to fill our prisons with drug offenders. Is it worth it?

Our motion is Legalize Drugs. Our For the Motion debaters are Paul Butler, a Professor of Law at Georgetown University Law Center and Nick Gillespie, Editor-in-Chief of Reason.tv and Reason.com. Our Against the Motion debaters are Theodore Dalrymple, a Former Prison Doctor and Fellow at the Manhattan Institue. His partner is Asa Hutchinson, a Former Administrator at the Drug Enforcement Administration.

Tickets are available here. Can't make the debate? We're also livestreaming, so watch online here on Wednesday, November 14th at 6:45 PM ET.

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  • Comment Link Kory Sanders Tuesday, 13 November 2012 20:53 posted by Kory Sanders

    I don't know about the legalization of all drugs, but I don't see the problem with Marijuana, nor the twin of it, K2 "Spice." They say K2 has chemicals in it that are bad for your body. I just want to remind people that cigarretes and cigars destroys the lungs, dip decays the jaw, and alcohol being the worst when it comes to being bad for you. Alcohol shuts down the liver, and you happen to need the liver, or else you would be dead. Alcohol also alters your judgemental decisions, and those decisions can sometimes be much more harmful and life threating, than some chemicals. Think about all the people who have died from smoking and dipping tobacco. Think about all the people who are deceased now because of alcohol, whether it be from alcohol poison, drunk driving, or just getting so drunk, they make one bad decision that takes either their life or other lives. I don't know what the death rate is on all of that, but K2 "spice" is nothing compared to that. Anyone that smokes K2 "spice" obviously doesn't care what's inside of it, and what it's doing to their bodies. My point being that K2 should just go ahead and be legalized, that way it takes away the trouble of finding more space in the prisons just to put some people in them for a couple years while their are killers, rapers, and other people that are affecting people's lives dramatically. Whatever they do...well that's their high, and that's dangerous. Even if that doesn't solve that problem; if the government legalizes weed and K2, they get to tax both of them off the walls, and eventually raise enough money to make more prison space. It's a win win for U.S. You think this stuff taking lives, when really you're just assuming, no one knows. This country has enough to worry about, so why is the government making more problems?

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