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By John Donvan — February 06, 2014

They've got your number. And you damn well hope they've got your back.


It's the NSA I'm talking about. And the debate I'm hosting on Wednesday.

Here's the motion: “Snowden Was Justified.”

So you've got the picture: we're taking on this squarely-in-the-news, everyone-who-ever-talks-on-the-phone-has-a-stake-in-it, and anyone-who-wants-to-be-safe-from-Al-Qaeda-should-care-about-it debate that has:

Washington twisted in a knot,
our allies out of sorts,
Russia being Russia,
Snowden nominated for a Nobel,
and the intelligence agencies thinking the front door was just left open.

In other words, this is the timeliest debate we've ever done. And the most connected to virtually anyone who joins our audience. And I don't do hyperbole, ever. (Except for using the word “ever”... sometimes.)

And just to hammer home how big this is, look at our list of debaters: Daniel Ellsberg, leaker of the Pentagon Papers, Jim Woolsey, who once ran the CIA, Ben Wizner, one of Snowden's lawyers who just spent time with his client, and Andrew McCarthy, the prosecutor who put away the leader of the 1993 World Trade Center attack.

It says a lot to me that these four smart voices, who disagree vehemently over this motion, would trust Intelligence Squared U.S. to stage this debate the right way: intelligently, substantively, respectfully, robustly.

Okay, we sold this one out in a couple of days, not surprisingly, but we'll be streaming live on our website next Wednesday night.

Join us. Contemplate what Snowden did. Hear the arguments, and then decide: was it, after all, for better or worse.


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John Donvan, Moderator
Intelligence Squared U.S. Debates




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