2010 Video Archive

Racial Profiling

U.S. Airports Should Use Racial and Religious Profiling

November 22, 2010

On Christmas Day, 2009, twenty-three-year-old Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab attempted to blow up Northwest Airlines Flight 253 using explosives hidden in his underwear. A string of… more

Afghanistan is a Lost Cause

Afghanistan Is A Lost Cause

November 10, 2010

Has the surge in Afghanistan failed, and is it time for the U.S. to admit defeat and start pulling our troops out? Nine years in,… more

Big Government

Big Government is Stifling the American Spirit

October 26, 2010

Just about everyone has a reason to question how the size of our government affects America’s financial and political future. Is government intervention in everything… more

Islam is a Religion of Peace

Islam is a Religion of Peace

October 06, 2010

Is the rise of terrorism and violence justifiably traced to the teachings of Islam, or is this call to war a twisted interpretation of the… more

Treat Terrorists Like Enemy Combatants

Treat Terrorists Like Enemy Combatants, Not Criminals

September 14, 2010

In 2009 the Justice Department announced that 9/11 plotter Khalid Shaikh Mohammed would be tried in New York City, setting off a firestorm of protests.… more

Cyber War

The Cyber War Threat Has Been Grossly Exaggerated

June 08, 2010

It could be the greatest strategic irony of the last twenty years: the American lead in digital technologies – upon which our financial, communications and… more

Obama's Foreign Policy

Obama's Foreign Policy Spells America's Decline

May 11, 2010

What might Machiavelli have made of the 44th President of the United States? Barack Obama set out to change the tone of US foreign policy.… more

Organic Food

Organic Food Is Marketing Hype

April 13, 2010

Eating organic used to be a fringe commitment. Not anymore. The idea that the adage “you are what you eat” actually has merit – that… more

Don't Blame Teachers Unions For Our Failing Schools

Don't Blame Teachers Unions For Our Failing Schools

March 16, 2010

Teachers unions: They’re powerful, they’re defensive, and they’re stubborn. And if it seems their leadership places a premium on protecting its members – above all… more

U.S. - Israel Relations

The U.S. Should Step Back From Its Special Relationship With Israel

February 09, 2010

Israel believes America’s special relationship is vital. It is, certainly, to Israel. But what about for the US? Israel has no oil, enemies in many… more