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  • Helping the States…Into Bankruptcy
    Hugh Hewitt, January 21, 2011Some of the largest states are effectively broke, but D.C. isn’t bailing them out. Congress can provide some crucial tools for the states to use in digging out of their deep, deep holes.
  • California’s Self-Destruction
    Hugh Hewitt , AFPCalifornia, October 28, 2012Hewitt discusses Proposition 30, which would raise income taxes on the wealthy and raise the state sales tax, and Proposition 32, which would put limits on union campaign contributions, and answers the question: Is there any hope for California?
  • Memo to the State’s Governors and AGs on the Decision on Obamacare’s Exchanges: Go Churchill or Go Home
    Hugh Hewitt, Townhall, November 14, 2012States have to defend themselves against the giant takeover of states’ powers and duties by Obamacare.
  • In Depth: Hugh Hewitt
    Book TV, October 7, 2009Hewitt discusses his book, GOP 5.0: Republican Renewal.
  • The Conservative Resurrection: How Republicans Can Win Again
    Hugh Hewitt, Michael Medved, Ben Shapiro and Brian Whitman, Richard Nixon Foundation, April 10, 2013A panel discussion with conservative talk radio stars.
  • Right Hook
    Nicholas Lemann, The New Yorker, August 29, 2005A profile of Hugh Hewitt, subscription required.
  • Hugh Hewitt Show
    Read Hewitt’s blog and read transcripts from the Hugh Hewitt Show.


  • The Red State Path to Prosperity
    Arthur Laffer and Stephen Moore, Wall Street Journal, March 27, 2013Blue states with high taxes are struggling to compete for businesses and workers.
  • Rich States, Poor States, 6th Edition
    Arthur Laffer, Stephen Moore and Jonathan Williams, American Legislative Council, 2013Rich States, Poor States is an annual economic competitiveness study that seeks to identify policies that can lead states to economic prosperity.
  • Red States vs. Blue States When It Comes to Economics
    Stephen Moore interviewed by Tracy Byrnes, Fox Business, March 28, 2013The Northeast is actually losing a lot of jobs, factories and businesses to the Southern states and the Sunbelt states. It’s not because the weather’s better in those states—they have better economic climates that are more conducive to business.
  • 20 Cities That May Face Bankruptcy After Detroit
    Stephen Moore, Newsmax, August 8, 2013Based on bond ratings and other data, a list of 20 cities to watch for financial troubles in the wake of the Detroit story. Common traits among the vast majority: forced unions, non-right-to-work states, and years of liberal governance.
  • Why Lower Tax Rates Are Good for Everyone
    Stephen Moore, Wall Street Journal, November 15, 2012If we want millionaires to pay more taxes, then we need an economy where there are more millionaires.
  • The Fight Is Never Over
    Stephen Moore, FrontPage Mag, April 2, 2013Video and transcript of Moore’s speech at the David Horowitz Freedom Center’s 2013 West Coast Retreat.
  • Against: GRAY DAVIS

  • Former Governor Gray Davis on Education, the Economy & the Skills Gap
    Gray Davis, CA FWD, November 29, 2012Getting the Golden State’s economy on track.
  • Public Sector Unions
    Paul Detrick interviews Gray Davis, Reason TV, September 5, 2012Massive public debt risks swallowing up the economy, public-sector union pensions need to be reformed, and the Department of Justice should be focusing on other things than raiding medical marijuana dispensaries.
  • Creative Approaches at All Levels of Government Can Cut Costs
    Gray Davis, Public Policy Institute of California, October 26, 2011In these difficult times, our focus should not be on how counties can get more money from the taxpayers, but instead on how government at all levels can creatively find savings that allow us to better serve one another.
  • Gray Davis Interview About California Budget
    Margaret Brennan interviews Gray Davis, Bloomberg TV, January 14, 2011Davis talks about the state's budget challenges and the performance of Governor Jerry Brown.

  • Against: MICHAEL LIND

  • Behind the Red State-Blue State Divide
    Michael Lind, Salon, March 13, 2012To understand America’s regional politics, we need to look beyond the cable news explanations of race and gender.
  • The Red State Model Is (Also) Broken
    Michael Lind, Salon, November 22, 2011Liberal enclaves face an economic crisis, but federally subsidized conservative areas are just as unsustainable.
  • Slave States vs. Free States, 2012
    Michael Lind, Salon, October 10, 2012A century and a half later, we've come full circle: The red-blue state divide falls along Confederate-Union lines.
  • The Next Social Contract: An American Agenda for Reform
    Michael Lind, June 10, 2013, New America FoundationAmerica’s own recent history makes it clear that the most solvent, efficient, and equitable social contract is one based on a few simple, universal programs of social insurance.
  • Lind: Is America Still a Land of Great Promise?
    Michael Lind, Newsday, October 1, 2012The disempowerment of the broad majority of Americans, not a lack of economic progress, is the greatest threat to the future of the U.S. as a middle-class nation. The institutions that used to represent middle-class Americans - unions, farmers' organizations, local party machines - have crumbled as Americans have moved into the service sector and the suburbs.
  • Bridging the Red State-Blue State Divide
    Larry Mantle interviews Michael Lind, AirTalk, November 14, 2012Michael Lind discusses partisan political differences.
  • Michael Lind
    New America FoundationLinks to more publications by Michael Lind.


  • FOR

  • The Once and Future Liberalism
    Walter Russell Mead, The American Interest, March/April 2012We need to get beyond the dysfunctional and outdated ideas of 20th-century liberalism.
  • America’s Red State Growth Corridors
    Joel Kotkin, Wall Street Journal, February 25, 2013Low-tax, energy-rich regions in the heartland charge ahead as economies on both coasts sing the blues.
  • The Blue State Meltdown and the Collapse of the Chicago Model
    Joel Kotkin, The American, July 22, 2009The blue states appear to be continuing their decades-long meltdown.
  • Freedom in the 50 States
    Mercatus Center, George Mason UniversityMercatus Center scores all 50 states on over 200 policies encompassing fiscal policy, regulatory policy, and personal freedom. They weight public policies according to the estimated costs that government restrictions on freedom impose.

  • Blue States Are from Scandinavia, Red States Are from Guatemala: A Theory of a Divided Nation
    Jonathan Cohn, New Republic, October 5, 2012Over the course of the last century, from the Progressive era through the New Deal and Great Society, the United States slowly but surely moved toward guaranteeing those things. Giving the red states the power to deviate from this course means giving them the right to undo that progress.
  • Red States, Blue States and the Distribution of Federal Spending
    Jeffrey Frankel, Jeff Frankels Weblog, March 31, 2010The red states generally receive more subsidies from the federal government than they pay in taxes. It is the other way around with the blue states.
  • Moral Mondays and the South’s New Liberal Gospel
    Abby Rapoport, The American Prospect, July 29, 2013By defining the debate largely in terms of power—framing it with the Biblical idea of challenging the rich and defending the poor and powerless—Moral Mondays not only emphasizes a progressive economic agenda but also opposes Republicans’ assaults on abortion rights and gay rights.