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No Fracking Way: The Natural Gas Boom is Doing More Harm Than Good

From the Panel

  • FOR: Deborah Goldberg

  • Natural Gas: The Inside Story
    Earthjustice September 2011
    In a virtual briefing, Goldberg spoke about the United States' natural gas boom, its impacts on the environment and our communities, and Earthjustice's campaign to clean up and regulate the natural gas industry.
  • The Perils and Promise of Fracking
    Panel Discussion, ProPublica April 9, 2012 Deborah Goldberg participates in a panel discussing whether the fracking process is the answer to America’s energy needs, or whether we should slow down and learn more about the potential environmental effects of hydraulic fracturing. 
  • Fracking Gone Wrong: Finding a Better Way
    Earthjustice’s Fracking Campaign May 4, 2012 Fracking is a dangerous way of getting oil and gas and a shortsighted energy strategy. We can find a better way—one that protects our health and gives us clean, safe energy sources that never run out.
  • AGAINST: Joe Nocera

  • How to Extract Gas Responsibly
    Joe Nocera, New York Times February 27, 2012 Fracking isn’t going away. To put it another way, the technique of hydraulic fracturing, used to extract natural gas from once-impossible-to-get-at reservoirs like the Marcellus Shale that lies beneath New York and Pennsylvania, has more than proved its value.
  • Pass the Boone Pickens Bill
    Joe Nocera, New York Times April 11, 2011 Natural gas is cheaper than oil. It’s cleaner. And it’s ours.
  • About My Support for Natural Gas
    Joe Nocera, New York Times April 15, 2011 Some readers of The New York Times are unimpressed with the idea of substituting natural gas for imported oil, even though such a move would help wean the country from its dependence on OPEC.
  • Articles by Joe Nocera
    New York Times More articles from Joe Nocera in The New York Times.
  • AGAINST: Susan Tierney

  • Natural Gas: The Promise and the Potential Pitfalls
    Susan Tierney, Analysis Group Energy Bulletin Spring 2011 The biggest surprise story in the energy industry these days isn't the plummeting price of solar panels, the proliferation of wind farms on the prairies, or even the new transmission line proposed by Google and others off the shores of the mid-Atlantic states. It is shale gas – a vast, relatively clean energy resource located in geographic basins in many parts of the U.S.
  • Natural Gas: Risks and Opportunities
    Susan Tierney, Analysis Group October 26, 2011 A PowerPoint presentation on natural gas, with an emphasis on shale gas developments, for the Harvard University Center for Environment Future of Energy Series.
  • America’s Bright Future: Cleaner Air and Affordable, Reliable Electricity
    Susan Tierney, Analysis Group May 23, 2012 The nation’s electricity system is undergoing a transition to a cleaner, modern and more efficient fleet, with retirements of many 50+-year-old coal-fired plants that have not been upgraded with modern pollution control equipment. 
  • The Economic Impacts of the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative on Ten Northeast and Mid-Atlantic States
    Susan Tierney, et al, Analysis Group Analysis Group’s study of the 10-state regional greenhouse gas initiative (RGGI), an emissions control program.

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