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Millennials Don't Stand a Chance

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  • David Burstein

  • Fast Future: How the Millennial Generation Is Shaping Our World
    David Burstein, Beacon Press, February 2013A millennial examines how his generation is profoundly impacting politics, business, media, and activism.
  • Shut Down This Leadership
    David Burstein, Huffington Post, October 18, 2010The millennial generation has an entirely different approach to leadership, marked by openness, collaboration, pragmatism, a health distrust of ideology, and idealism.
  • Three Ways to Win With Millennial Employees
    David Burstein, Huffington Post, June 4, 2013Three things you can to do rethink the role of millennials in your company, making them happier and more productive, while achieving wins for your company.
  • What’s in a Generation?
    David Burstein, Huffington Post, April 30, 2013Millennials will be understood as what they are, a generation of pragmatic idealists, living thoughtfully in our own ever-changing times, using the technological and social organization tools we have pioneered to find meaning in our own lives and to have a positive impact on our world.
  • Millennials Aren’t All Girls
    David Burstein, Huffington Post, March 26, 2013Perhaps the most remarkable thing about Girls is not its content but its creator and her accomplishments as a creative professional.
  • A Generation's Time to Lead
    David Burstein, Huffington Post, February 14, 2013Millennials have found new ways to have tremendous impact in the business world and in a robust social entrepreneurship sector that didn't exist a generation ago, but ultimately, the vibrancy and fate of our country lies in the political system. So it's time for Millennials to run and it's time for this generation to lead.
  • Facebook and Us
    David Burstein, Huffington Post, May 17, 2010Facebook's future is similar to the millennials: we are developing new ideas and solutions -- new technological and social software -- to address the unique and unprecedented challenges of our world that lie ahead.
  • Against: Jessica Grose

  • The Year Millennial Women Stopped Needing Our Advice
    Jessica Grose, Slate, December 27, 2013It can’t hurt anyone to get solid advice on workplace mores—but if you actually look at the data about millennial women, they don’t really need to be told how to be aggressive in the workplace, or in life, anymore.
  • Generation Scold
    Jessica Grose, Slate, April 15, 2010Why millennials are so judgmental about promiscuity.
  • Are Millennials a Generation of Layabouts?
    Jessica Grose, Slate, April 29, 2010This is about the disappearing middle class, rather than a generation of layabouts.
  • Study: Watching ‘16 and Pregnant’ Makes Americans More Likely to Support Abortion
    Jessica Grose, June 9, 2011Millennials are ‘significantly more likely’ to be situationalists than other Americans-meaning they think right or wrong is determined not by unbending principles, but by the murky particulars of a given situation.



  • Yes We Can: The Emergence of Millennials as a Generation
    Neil Howe and Reena Nadler, Next Social Contract Initiative, New America Foundation, February 2009Millennials have brought with them a very different set of attitudes and behaviors than the youth who preceded them: a confidence and conventionality, a preference for group consensus, an aversion to personal risk, and a self-image as special and as worthy of protection.
  • The Truth About Millennials (in Boomer Eyes)
    Kate Dries, New York Times, May 28, 2013According to the stories about millennials they are ruining pro football, killing the housing market, subverting tried-and-true dating rituals, and overconsuming even while they are underconsuming.