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Russia Is A Marginal Power

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  • Against: Amb. Robert D. Blackwill

  • 10 Reasons Why Russia Still Matters
    Graham Allison and Robert Blackwill, Politico, October 30, 2011Russia matters a great deal to a U.S. government seeking to defend and advance its national interests.
  • Russia and U.S. National Interests: Why Should Americans Care?
    Graham Allison and Robert Blackwill, chairs, Report on the Task Force on Russia and U.S. National Interests, October 2011The study makes the case that Russia remains one of the handful of countries in the world that can deeply affect American national interests, demanding constant U.S. attention.
  • Arms Control and the U.S.-Russia Relationship
    Robert Blackwill, Council on Foreign Relations and Nixon Center for Peace and Freedom, January 1996Five years after the collapse of the Soviet Union, a task force on U.S.-Russian arms control directed by Blackwill assessed the evolving political-military circumstances and recommended U.S. policy.

  • Against: Peter Hitchens

  • Why I like Vladimir Putin – the Video
    Peter Hitchens, University of Bristol IAS, October 15, 2013Russia is the one country in the world that’s still prepared to defend sovereignty.
  • Further Thoughts on Russia
    Peter Hitchens, Mail on Sunday, March 3, 2014This is about globalism versus national sovereignty, and the curious anomaly of Russia, an old-fashioned European country that is too big to be sucked into the EU, too small to be a superpower (and so invulnerable, like China), too patriotic to be persuaded to dissolve itself.
  • Are We Wise to Take Sides in Ukraine?
    Peter Hitchens, Mail on Sunday, January 23, 2014‘Most people don’t read much further than headlines and titles, and aren’t aware that – while I praise Mr. Putin’s foreign policy stances - I am consistently rude about Mr. Putin’s tyrannical tendencies, and about his state’s general corruption, violence and lawlessness at home.’
  • How Are Opinions Formed?
    Peter Hitchens, Mail on Sunday, January 17, 2014‘Perhaps my abandoned Marxism caused me to care much more about the Communist side of Russia’s problems, and to be more forgiving of those difficulties which arise from Russia being Russia, and Russians being Russians.’


  • FOR

  • Russia’s 21st Century Malaise in Five Grim Charts
    Brian Bremner, Bloomberg Businessweek, November 19, 2013The recent economic news out of Russia has been unremittingly awful, and the longer-term future doesn’t look much brighter.
  • How Ukraine Destroyed the Myth of Russian Power
    Jan Techau, Carnegie Europe, February 25, 2014The heroic people of Ukraine’s Euromaidan protest movement, helped unwittingly by the EU and some eleventh-hour U.S. diplomacy, revealed Moscow’s real power status.
  • Putin's Problem of Irrelevance
    Steven Pifer, The Moscow Times, August 5, 2013The Kremlin evinces little interest in making progress on issues that are important to the White House, and Putin may find he does not matter much for Obama during his remaining time in office.
  • Russia Is Doomed
    Zachary Keck, The Diplomat, March 5, 2014Don’t be fooled by Putin’s façade; the pillars of Russian power are steadily declining.

  • Russia Still Matters: Strategic Challenges and Opportunities for the Obama Administration
    John Parker and Michael Kofman, Institute for National Strategic Studies, March 2013Russia will not cease to be important to U.S. policymakers and American geopolitical interests for a number of reasons.
  • Russia Reemerges as Great Power Through New Union
    Dimitri Trenin, Global Times, February 16, 2014In 2014, Russia's first major foreign policy project since the breakup of the Soviet Union will take a decisive step toward realization: In the spring, a treaty on Eurasian Union (EAU) is due to be signed, with the union itself launched on January 1, 2015.
  • Russia’s Military Is Back
    Nikolas K. Gvosdev, The National Interest, October 4, 2013Russia may not be in a position to directly challenge the United States—whose spending still far outstrips that of Moscow’s—but given other regional trends, especially in Europe, it is restoring its conventional capabilities to back up claims to great power status.