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  • Former Whistleblowers: Open Letter to Intelligence Employees After Snowden
    Thomas Drake, Daniel Ellsberg, Katharine Gun, Peter Kofod, Ray McGovern, Jesselyn Radack, Coleen Rowley, The Guardian, December 11, 2013Crooked politicians will be held accountable. It's in your hands to be on the right side of history and accelerate the process.
  • Snowden Made the Right Call When He Fled the U.S.
    Daniel Ellsberg, Washington Post, July 7, 2013Many people compare Edward Snowden to me unfavorably for leaving the country and seeking asylum, rather than facing trial as I did. I don’t agree. The country I stayed in was a different America, a long time ago.
  • Edward Snowden: Saving Us from the United Stasi of America
    Daniel Ellsberg, The Guardian, June 10, 2013In my estimation, there has not been in American history a more important leak than Edward Snowden’s release of NSA material—and that definitely includes the Pentagon Papers 40 years ago.
  • Secrecy and National Security Whistleblowing
    Daniel Ellsberg, January 8, 2013, Daniel Ellsberg’s WebsiteAs an urgent matter, the existing secrecy system should be radically contracted and monitored, its current contents generally released (American 'glasnost'), its presumptions debated, challenged and changed.


  • Edward Snowden’s Legal Adviser Discusses Latest Developments
    David Gregory interviews Ben Wizner, Meet the Press, December 29, 2013The ACLU’s Ben Wizner discusses whether Snowden is looking for an amnesty deal and the latest developments surrounding the former NSA contractor.
  • Why the Government Wants Your Metadata
    Jay Stanley and Ben Wizner, Reuters, June 7, 2013It’s long past time for Congress to update our surveillance and privacy laws to ensure that before the government can go digging through our digital lives, it needs to demonstrate to a judge that it has good reason to believe we’ve done something wrong.
  • Edward Snowden Is a Patriot
    Anthony Romero, ACLU, December 17, 2013The executive director of the ACLU on Edward Snowden.

  • Not All Truth Telling Is Virtuous
    Andrew McCarthy, National Review, June 23, 2013As the crusader for liberty Edward Snowden chooses to flee to totalitarian Russia in anticipation of finding a final soft place to land in some socialist dictatorship, Senator Rand Paul continues to defend him as a ‘truthteller.’
  • Debating Government Surveillance: Privacy vs. National Security
    University of St. Thomas School of Law’s Hollaran Center for Ethical Leadership in Professions, October 3, 2013Featured speakers in this debate include Andrew McCarthy, Marc Rotenberg, Bruce Schneier, and Steven Bradbury.
  • The WHY Question — Why the National-Security Right Is Gradually Losing the NSA Debate
    Andrew McCarthy, Ordered Liberty, PJ Media, July 30, 2013Being right on the adequacy of the NSA programs’ structural safeguards, and being right on the law, will count for nothing if Americans are not convinced – quickly – that there is a real, material, comprehensible connection between the massive data collection and the prevention of terrorist attacks.
  • Rewriting FISA History
    Andrew McCarthy, National Review Online, June 22, 2013Representative Sensenbrenner does not appear to have read the law he ‘wrote.’

  • Against: R. JAMES WOOLSEY

  • CNN Newsroom
    Transcript, CNN, December 21, 2013Snowden has caused great damage to the United States and put a number of people at risk of losing their lives, intelligence officers, intelligence agents and others. (For Woolsey segment, scroll midway down page.)
  • Ex-CIA Director: Snowden Should Be ‘Hanged’ if Convicted for Treason
    Lucas Tomlinson, Fox News, December 17, 2013Former CIA Director James Woolsey had harsh words for anyone thinking about giving Edward Snowden amnesty, and argued the NSA leaker should be “hanged” if he’s ever tried and convicted of treason.
  • Opinion Roundup: Edward Snowden and the NSA Leaks
    Neal Conan interviews James Woolsey, Talk of the Nation, June 10, 2013‘I think Mr. Snowden should get a fair trial, once we can get him as a result of extradition or something. And if I were on the jury, I would vote for as long a penalty as possible to give under the statute.’
  • Why Are Our Nation’s Secrets Entrusted to so Many Government Contractors?
    Greta Van Susteren interviews James Woolsey, On the Record, June 11, 2013When you make a decision, as Snowden did, that you're going to take the place of the president and the Congress and the judges that are on the FISA court and you're the one who's going to decide to balance between security and privacy, you are undertaking an action that could get people killed.