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Darius Rejali

Rejali, Darius

Professor of Political science and chair of the political science department at Reed College, in Portland, Oregon

Darius is internationally recognized as an expert on government torture and interrogation. He is a 2003 Carnegie Scholar and the author of Torture and Democracy (2007). more

John Hutson

Hutson, John

Retired Rear Admiral, Resident and Dean of Franklin Pierce Law Center

Huston served as the Navy's judge advocate general from 1997 to 2000. He currently serves as the president and dean of Franklin Pierce Law Center in Concord, New Hampshire. As… more

Jack Cloonan

Cloonan, Jack

25-year Veteran of the FBI and President of Clayton Consultants

Cloonan is an internationally respected security expert. Since retiring from the FBI, where he received commendations and awards for counterterrorism and investigations, he has served as a counterterrorism consultant and… more

David Rivkin

Rivkin, David

Partner in the Washington office of Baker & Hostetler LLP, a Visiting Fellow at the Nixon Center, and a Contributing Editor of the National Review and National Interest

David specializes in regulatory and litigation work, with a particular emphasis on constitutional, international law and public policy issues. Before to returning to the private sector, Mr. Rivkin served in… more

Rick Francona

Francona, Rick

Retired U.S. Air Force Lieutenant Colonel

Rick served with the National Security Agency, the Defense Intelligence Agency, and the Central Intelligence Agency. His tours of duty include Iraq, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, and Saudi Arabia, with operational… more

Matthew Parris

Parris, Matthew

Former British MP, Writer for writes for the Times of London and the Spectator

Parris was born in South Africa and educated at Cambridge and Yale. Parris was a British MP who worked for Margaret Thatcher in opposition and became a conservative politician. He… more

Ellen Laipson

Laipson, Ellen

President and CEO of the Henry L. Stimson Center

Ellen joined the Henry L. Stimson Center in 2002 after nearly 25 years of government service. She served as vice chair of the National Intelligence Council, at the US Mission… more

Michael Mandelbaum

Mandelbaum, Michael

Christian A. Herter Professor of American Foreign Policy at The Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies

Michael is the author of The Ideas That Conquered the World: Peace, Democracy, and Free Markets in the Twenty-first Century (2002), The Case for Goliath: How America Acts as the… more

Richard Pound

Pound, Richard

Chairman of the World Anti-Doping Agency and a Partner in the Canadian Law Firm, Stikeman Elliott

Richard has been named to Time magazine's 100 most influential people in the world for his relentless efforts to rid sport of performance-enhancing drugs. Pound was an Olympic finalist at… more

Dale Murphy

Murphy, Dale

Former Major League Baseball Outfielder and Catcher

Dale was a seven-time All-Star, five-time Golden Glove winner and two-time National League MVP with the Atlanta Braves. He started the iWon’t Cheat Foundation to help rid sports of drugs,… more