“Always intelligent and provocative, as well as disciplined and civil. A stimulating way to spend an evening.”

- The Wall Street Journal

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Past Debaters

Jeff Jarvis

Jarvis, Jeff

Creator and Founding Editor of Entertainment Weekly and Sunday Editor and Associate Publisher of the New York Daily News

Jeff is writing a book, WWGD? - What Would Google Do?, that reverse-engineers the company's success and applies those lessons and laws to other industries. He writes about media and… more

Jim Harper

Harper, Jim

Director of Information Policy Studies at the Cato Institute

A nationally recognized privacy, Internet, and technology policy expert, Jim has testified in Congress a half-dozen times and in state legislatures nationwide. He advises the U.S. Department of Homeland Security… more

Esther Dyson

Dyson, Esther

Investor and Director of 23andMe and Yandex

Ester is well qualified to opine on Google. In 1997, she wrote Release 2.0: A Design for Living in the Digital Age, about the impact of the Internet on individuals… more

Randal C. Picker

Picker, Randal C.

Paul H. and Theo Leffmann Professor of Commercial Law at the University of Chicago Law School

Picker is also a senior fellow at The Computation Institute of the University of Chicago and Argonne National Laboratory and has for a number of years taught a class at… more

Paul Starr

Starr, Paul

Professor of Sociology and Public Affairs, Princeton University

Is professor of sociology and public affairs at Princeton University and co-founder and co-editor of the American Prospect magazine, a quarterly about politics, policy, and ideas. He received the 1984… more

Jonathan Cohn

Cohn, Jonathan

Senior Editor, New Republic

Is a senior editor at New Republic, a columnist at Kaiser Health News, and the author of "Sick." He has been called “one of the nation’s leading experts on health… more

John Shadegg

Shadegg, John

Former Representative, 3rd Congressional District of Arizona

Is a former Republican representative for the 3rd Congressional District of Arizona. He has introduced legislation to promote patient choice, individual ownership and portability in health insurance. His two bills… more

Douglas Holtz-Eakin

Holtz-Eakin, Douglas

President, American Action Forum

Has a distinguished record as an academic, policy adviser, and strategist. He is currently the president of the American Action Forum and a commissioner on the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission.… more

Harry Lewis

Lewis, Harry

Dean of Harvard College, Gordon McKay Professor of Computer Science at Harvard

In 2003 Lewis was honored with the title of Harvard College Professor in honor of his teaching excellence. Over more than thirty years of teaching, Lewis has helped launch thousands… more

P.J. O'Rourke

O'Rourke, P.J.

H.L. Mencken Research Fellow, The Cato Institute

Is America’s premier political satirist, the H.L. Mencken Research Fellow at the Cato Institute, and the bestselling author of 13 books, including Don’t Vote: It Just Encourages the Bastards, Parliament… more