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Melissa Farley

Farley, Melissa

Clinical and Research Psychologist with San Francisco based Nonprofit Prostitution Research & Education and an Associate Scholar with the Center for World Indigenous Studies

Melissa wrote Prostitution and Trafficking in Nevada: Making the Connections (2007) and Prostitution, Trafficking, and Traumatic Stress (2003). She has published 22 peer-reviewed articles on prostitution and trafficking. An abolitionist,… more

David Frakt

Frakt, David

Professor, Barry University’s Dwayne O. Andreas School of Law

Is a professor at Barry University’s Dwayne O. Andreas School of Law and a lieutenant colonel in the U.S. Air Force Reserve JAG Corps. more

Marc Thieseel

Thiessen, Marc

Former chief speechwriter to President George W. Bush and Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld.

Served as chief speechwriter to President George W. Bush and Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, and before that as a senior aide to Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman Jesse Helms. more

Nell Minow

Minow, Nell

Editor and Co-Founder of The Corporate Library

Nell is the editor and co-founder of The Corporate Library, an independent corporate governance research firm. Previously, Minow was a Principal of Lens, a $100 million investment firm, President of… more

Douglas Murray

Murray, Douglas

Founder & Director, The Centre for Social Cohesion (CSC)

is a bestselling author and award-winning journalist. He is also founder and director of the Centre for Social Cohesion (CSC), a non-partisan think-tank in Westminster, London, which focuses on radicalization… more

Jim Chanos

Chanos, Jim

Founder and Managing Partner of Kynikos Associates

As the largest exclusive short selling investment firm, Kynikos provides investment management services for both domestic and offshore clients. Chanos opened Kynikos Associates in 1985 to implement investment strategies he… more

Ayaan Hirsi Ali

Ali, Ayaan Hirsi

Founder, AHA Foundation

was born in Somalia and raised a devout Muslim. She escaped an arranged marriage by immigrating to the Netherlands in 1992 and served as a member of the Dutch parliament… more

Maajid Nawaz

Nawaz, Maajid

Director, Quilliam Foundation

is director of the Quilliam Foundation. Formerly, Nawaz served on the UK national leadership for the Islamist party Hizb ut-Tahrir (HT), and was involved in HT for almost 14 years.… more

Alex Berenson

Berenson, Alex

Investigative Reporter for the New York Times

Alex has been a business investigative reporter for the New York Times since 2000. He is the author of three novels and one non-fiction book, The Number, an explanation of… more

Zeba Khan

Khan, Zeba

Writer and advocate for Muslim-American civic engagement

is a writer and advocate for Muslim-American civic engagement. Born and raised in Ohio by devout Muslim parents, she attended Hebrew school for 9 years all while actively participating in… more